Where do we go from here?

When you read these lines then we have almost made it through 2016, and I sincerely hope that we will all go the last bit together with no further personal or global tragedies. Some of us will have suffered from personal loss in 2016 in which way ever and look back in dismay, while others may have had a good year and will always look back at it with great memories. When it comes to New Year’s Eve, however, we are all united in the peculiar feeling that the turn…

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The Legendary Branagh’s Friday Starting Again in January

Lorelai & Eachan Branagh bring it back in 2017, the magical Friday evening show. And in line with the motto “never change a winning team”, the opening line up in 2017 will be the same as in the last months of 2016. 12pm Dreama Summerwind 1pm Pippa Exonar 2pm Nonah Reeves 3pm AleyKat DressCode: formal Location:     Lorelai & Eachan Branagh bringen sie zurück im neuen Jahr, die magische Freitagnacht-Show. Und gemäß dem Motto “ändere nie ein erfolgreiches Team” bleiben die Programmhöhepunkte die selben wie in den letzten Monaten des alten…

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Adventures & Games Dining 

The Dining Experience

  I was looking for something special for a friend’s birthday, and it got me to a place called «After Taste». It’s about a romantic candle light dinner with full avatar service. And I can tell you, it is worth the experience. For 250L  per person you’ll be spending an hour or more, well nurtured at a beautifully decorated, romantic dinner table with a splendid view. It couldn’t have even be topped by a rose seller or violin player. It is certainly  completely different Second Life experience, but you should really try it.…

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Also Women Can Be Hunters & Gatherers – The POE 9 Hunt

Each year, towards the end of it, life seem to slow down, at least where I live. Pople start to become more relaxed, Christmas parties everywhere, more friendly faces and wishes for the next year. Especially between Christmas and New Year there is only one stress factor really: the exchange of unwanted presents. But thanks to online shopping, even the return of goods very often doesn’t take more than to fill in a form and carry the box to the near by parcel service shop. Plenty of time, therefore, to…

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Moscow’s Exciting Nightlife Brought to SL – Black Orchid Club

  If you’ve ever spent some time in Moscow and went out in the evenings, then you’ll know exactly what is meant by the “Moscow’s Exciting Nightlife”. It is by all means worth the experience! The Black Orchid Club brings this feeling back to Second Life. Get embraced by the legendary Russian soul and listen to stunning live acts and thrilling DJ parties at this newest addition to the the Second Life club scene. Location:   Wer jemals ein paar Tage in Moskau verbracht und abends ausgegangen ist, wird genau wissen,…

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Knowing Who’s Naughty or Nice

I had the chance to meet Santa on my way to the restaurant. For sure nobody will resent me for taking the opportunity to tell Santa my wishes. Actually, this red upholstered pants are surprisingly warm and cozy to sit on. Very recommendable. Though they make a thick leg. But it was all so comfortable and inviting that I  stayed a little longer and went through my long list of topics. We went pretty quickly through the model and equipment features of my requested Maserati. A bit longer took the subject about an eye-levelled Ken for…

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Rumours & Stars 

Exposed: The TRUE Reason, Why Nonah Reeves Couldn’t Make it to her Concert

Guests at the Branagh’s Jazz Club rubbed their eyes in vain yesterday evening in search for Nonah Reeves, who was planned to do a live concert at 2pm SLT. Right after Pippa Exonar’s fabulous show the stage remained empty with only rumors flooding the hall that Nonah Reeves won’t be able to perform that night. The management of Nonah Reeves finally issued a statement to the poor venue owners that Nonah was stuck  by a power failure in her area which took a few hours in the night from Friday…

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Furnaces Off at the Rhiva

The «Rhiva The Club» celebrated their first «Goth Night» at their place with no one less than DJ Myrrdin. And since Goth was the theme of the night, they shut off the heatings and nicely redecorated the whole place into a gloomy projection of the doom. Ironically they failed completely goth-wise. All visitors, including the DJ actually, resisted the dark and cold atmosphere and enjoyed the evening to the max, including Nonah Reeves, who climbed the stage at the middle of the show and contributed a live act with a goth rock song. Who…

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Hilly Halaan

I was searching some winter clothing and found Hilly Halaan’s shopping area on my way. They have some pretty gifts there and especially some cute winter outfits, at least for my taste. The four sections “Mesh Body”, “Shoes”, “Casual” and “Formal” are certainly worth to have a look at.   Tags: shopping, mall, slink, slink shoes, shoes, outfit, complete outfits, dress, pants, jeans, casual, formal, free, gift, shopping center, jeans, footwear, heels, outlet, sale, maitreya, n-core, belleza, s.i.f, official reseller store, complete outfits, gift   Auf der Suche nach neuen…

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Home of the Super Heroes

Attracted by a live event announcement, I went to place that would rather be rated as male preserved perhaps, the name is «Aftermath IV – Metropolis National». The place is themed around life and works of super heroes, which becomes obvious immediately when arriving by train right in front of the “Wayne Enterprises” tower. The city and its surrounding surely give that gloomy Gotham City feeling, and I wasn’t quite sure, whether walking through the streets would be safer because of all the expected super heroes or less safe because of the need of their…

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