Birthday Flash Mob Expected at Burning Flames’ Party Line Up

I hope you all take the great opportunity to make a really nice person in Second Life very proud of this day. It’s Burning Flames. Don’t ask me where the name comes from, I knew it, and I forgot it. It’s Burnie’s birthday today, and she took all effort to present her guests a great line up of live singers between 1pm till 6pm. Burnie is one of the people who really make Second Life a special place. She is so very committed to all the things she does, and if New York is the city that never sleeps, it must be her keeping them awake all night (… though I thought she is from Norway. But anyway, … ). Make this very nice young lady happy and pay her a visit today between 1pm and 6pm SLT. Tell her Noel sent you if you like. Make this day an unforgettable day for a person who could well be heart and soul of Second Life.

And here’s the link:

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