Feeling hot hot hot! @Burning Flames’ Birthday Party

I’ve been to Burning Flame’s birthday party on Monday evening. I was a bit late, and I was a bit tired since I had been flying all day coming back from a business trip. Normally all good reasons to excuse oneself and miss this one out. But I rate Burning as a true friend. I know how much she had looked forward to this day, and I really wanted to see her enjoyment, hoping that she was surrounded by as much friends and guests as possible.

I was originally planning to stay some 30 minutes, but you know how these things go: you start to enjoy it more and more every minute until all tiredness is gone. I finally ended up with about 2 hours on site.

So I happened to attend the live shows of Bud Williams, Dimi_van_Ludwig and Freddy. Here is not the time and place to talk about their performances, but I really need to mention that everyone of them found such a nice way to not just present their music set, but also to embed it into a very caring approach to the theme of the occasion.


The dress code was, however, needy to get used to. Beachwear in a fiery inferno! I really wonder whose idea that was. Usually its rather a male attitude. We have usually more to win 🙂  But this time the men on site all were in exceptionally good shape, which includes the artists even. That’s a bad development.

When I was young, the music guys where the homely scrawny type with greasy hair and impure skin, and the sporty guys were the muscle packed Beaus with the nicest girlfriends. I had perfect skin and no girlfriend at that time by the way.


Gladly enough the flames blocked off the one or other good looking guy from time to time. And I realized, flames ARE a good way to get rid of the competition. 🙂

But again, the more remarkable fact is definitely, that the people obviously not only got the invitation, but had also read it. Which again shows some personal interest in the matter. Needless to say, that I had read it all wrong, I thought it was “Bitchwear”, but it was “Beachware” in fact. But no damage made, nobody noticed, not even that I, ashamed, changed clothes behind some higher flames.


I lost sight of the birthday girl once in a while. She preferably moved between ‘on the stage’ and ‘on the side’. But that gave me plenty opportunities to innocently cam around. Initially I almost didn’t recognize her in her devil’s costume. That’s when tattoos come in handy usually. But only in RL. Unfortunately it is no help at all in SL either. At least I didn’t recognize her tattoos at all. In RL I go by the names on the derriere.


Yes, I do apologize for this comment. In times of the political dimension of statements like that, it could well be it with my presidency in future already. And yes, I do not even know a single woman who has a name tattoo on her bum. Which is only logical since how would she be able to read it. Though still … it could be of help for the one or other guy amongst us … providing she’d have her own name there.

I think the one or other suspicious woman would rather put another woman’s name there just to test us … but I fear I digress too much.


I sincerely hope that this day was a special day for Burning, worth to remember for long. I enjoyed to see her happy, and a big hug goes out to Allison therefore, who didn’t get tired to embrace each and everyone in her nice and friendly manner, greeting the arrivals, hailing the artists and waving the leavers.


It was a good experience to see that many of Burnings friends had made it possible to be there. We have all so many ‘friends’ in our social networks. But when it comes to effort and devotion, then this list reduces itself very quickly and dramatically. That’s why I treasure people like Bad, Kat, Damian, Nonah, AleyKat even more now, since they might well have good excuses for this day but where there nevertheless. And it doesn’t count so much how long they were there, but that they made it there at all.

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