Lights out at Branagh’s ! +++ Branagh’s Black Friday

Yesterday people on site became witness of what can be called the Black Friday of Branagh’s. The club and its park went completely out of color. As if Lord Voldemort had covered the place with his mystic cloak of hopelessness, all visitors went pale and shaken, although Dreama Summerwind, Nonah Reeves, AleyKat and Harry Hargreaves really did their best to keep the dementors away. Especially during Nonah’s performance people reportedly got scared to the bones. It is certainly very recommended to not letting the dogs dig at the Branagh’s Park for the next few weeks.

dsobGhost busters have been seen this morning scavenging the nearby woods and bridges but haven’t made it yet anywhere near the stage. Rumours persists that AleyKat has lost a shoe somewhere about there. Linden is considering a wide-range evacuation, so that places like “Branacks”, “Brunugh’s” and some others won’t be accessible neither for a while.





(Photo: Lorelai spotted in a frightful ménage à trois.)

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