Mavenn Debuts @Casino Noi ~Sunday, Dec 4th 2pm SLT

+++ THE CONCERT IS CANCELLED +++ For so long the management of the Casino Noi has looked forward to this moment, the moment to have her there, right on the stage, live and in person – the Queen of Blues – Mavenn. Her voice has been described as “mesmerizing and exciting” … “sultry” and “smoky”. But whatever you call it, it won’t be able to describe how she manages to prompt the emotions like she does. So come and put yourself under her spell for this hour. There’s no doubt that you will…

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Avi Choice Awards 2016, Dec 4th 1pm SLT

Soon it’s time again for the annual Avi Choice Award, the „Oscar Night“ of Second Life. The list of categories is impressively large, even larger is the list of nominees. There is no doubt about it, the organizers will have done a tremendous job when this all is finished. The event casts a long shadow. With the opening of the candidates lists the annual discussion started as usual … if the nomination of the one or other person, group or place was justified and – even more emotional – ……

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DJ Myrrdin’s Romantic Goth Night @Rhiva The Club, Dec 6th 12pm

DJ Myrrdin gibt sich die Ehre Das Management des “Rhiva The Club” hat alle Überredungskünste aufgewendet, um für den nächsten Event den Meister-DJ des Gothic Rocks, Myrrdin (Myrrdin Urnestone; “ich hätte auch Flügel haben können”), zu verpflichten. Diesmal aber mit einer schwierigen Aufgabe, das Thema ist nämlich “Romantische Goth Musik”. Schau’n wir mal, wie er das hinbekommt. Vielleicht hätte er am Ende die Flügel doch noch gebraucht. Man kann sich also wieder auf einen sicherlich ereignisreichen und besonderen Abend im Rhiva freuen. Schon deswegen, weil das Team des Rhiva bereits durchsickern ließ,…

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Live Music 

Urban Harvy live, Nov 21st 2pm SLT @Urban Entertainment

If the famous Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop) had ever considered an addition to the pack, Urban Harvy could have well been the right choice. His masterly performances remind of the big music shows you find in Vegas, New York and London. A great entertainer with a wonderful voice and a beautiful selection of songs! A ‘must hear and see‘ for the ladies 🙂   Location: Urban’s Entertainment Venue  Dress Code: semi-formal to formal http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clematis%20Island/34/112/23   And here’s the calendar of Urban’s Entertainment: http://www.atts.info/urbans.htm   Wenn…

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Teleporter Halves Number of Readers

I got notice of an ongoing discussion about the US election, and I can hardly avoid to notice posts about it recently. Being from Europe, from Germany actually, I am far away enough to take a rather observing point. And it definitely has an entertaining factor, and will have for next 4 years probably, “who knows“ [citation Donald]. One of the problems I have with it frankly is that some part of my friends are Trump supporters and other just support anyone but Trump. That makes things awkward for me. Now, before…

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Clubs Rumours & Stars 

Where To Take Out A Celebrity

Lobster & Champagne at the «New York New York Piano Lounge» One of the most spectacular rooftop lounges I have ever seen is the «Press Lounge» in New York. Go there by night and you will have one of the most stunning views you can ever imagine to get from a location like that. Not less attractive and far cheaper when it comes to lobster and champagne is the «New York New York Piano Lounge» in Second Life, nominated this year for one of the best locations.     I had the…

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Java Fashion Design

It’s Difficult To Beat the Value for Money Ratio of «jfd» (by AntoniaCeeAr) We all know too well that there is a serious temptation to spend too much money on things in SL. But of course it’s a valid point that usually you get what you pay for. One of the shops which seem to resist this rule is «Java Fasion Design» by Simone Udimo. For a price range of L$20 -70 you get so many amazing outfits, dresses, shoes … that it has become one of my frequently visited shops. They…

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German Community | Man spricht Deutsch Party 

DJane Candy live, 19. Oktober, 21 Uhr ein musikalischer Rückblick

Lange nicht gehört, aber doch noch gekannt längst vergessene Hits von damals Unter dem Motto “Lange nicht gehört, aber doch noch gekannt – längst vergessene Hits von damals” läuft Candy Morgan’s nächster Gig durch Rock, Pop und sonstige Hits, am 19. November um 21 Uhr im «Arielle». Wer Candy schon einmal gehört hat, sie ist speziell, sehr speziell, aber ihr Musikrepertoire ist schier unendlich, und ihre Art ihren Gästen einen unterhaltsamen Abend zu bieten ist legendär. Wer Lust auf einen angenehmen, stressfreien und unterhaltsamen Abend in vertrauter deutscher Sprache hat, dem sei das…

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