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Aurora Metaluna On the Verge to Pull Out of SL

ooopsThere’s something awfully going wrong with Second Life! We lost a few great shops last months and two of the most venerable clubs and now we are about to loose one of the most followed artists in Second Life: Aurora Metaluna. Though we still have some hopes that it won’t be carried to extremes. For us, Aurora stands for the good things in Second Life, she is a devoted singer, and she shares her “Second Life” AND her “Real Life” with her friends and followers in such an open way not very often seen at anyone else in the scene. She has a great heart for every venue, be it big or small and no matter which genre and major topic the sim, venue or occasion is about. For this, her very own way, she rightly earns respect and credit, because it might be much wiser and more recommendable to keep SL and RL strictly separated. There is a long list of people who made bad experiences with revealing their RL connections to SL people and deeply regretted it for a long time.

She puts herself as a person, and in parts her family, on risk to all those know-it-alls, whiners and free riders who all too fast come up with suggestions and criticism, while themselves mostly staying well hidden behind their avatars and alts. It might not be the best advice, therefore, to be this frank and open to everyone, however, the courage deserves nothing else but our respect.

And it is exactly the lack of respect which is one of the main reasons for most of the drama and deep and long lasting frustration. The respect for a different opinion, the respect for a different way to address to problems or chances, the respect for different culture in interacting with people or generally the respect to lead one’s own unrestricted Second Life. There are a few things where Second Life is even ahead of the real life. It is when it comes to physical handicaps, financial limitations and the total and comprehensive liberty of each character and mind. It should be our joint effort to  maintain these achievements.

No one has to be a fan of Aurora, … as a singer, … as a person. But nobody is forced to deal with her, then. Respect simply means sometimes to just shut up and stay out of it. And that’s when teleporting is such an outstanding possibility compared to the rather limited possibilities in RL, and far too seldom used. After all Second Life isn’t about minding someone else’s business, except for in BDSM places. 🙂

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