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I got notice of an ongoing discussion about the US election, and I can hardly avoid to notice posts about it recently. Being from Europe, from Germany actually, I am far away enough to take a rather observing point. And it definitely has an entertaining factor, and will have for next 4 years probably, “who knows“ [citation Donald]. One of the problems I have with it frankly is that some part of my friends are Trump supporters and other just support anyone but Trump. That makes things awkward for me.

Now, before I start going through the essence of my post I may remind Donald Trump to please dismount the ISIS flag from our monuments like the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin or the dome in Cologne, the highest church we have in Germany and which bears the remains of the holy three kings. It may hurt the one or other national or religious feeling here, which I hope he’ll understand. I mean, just consider an ISIS flag on the White House or the Liberty Statue. It would rightly upset some of his strongest believers in the US as well. It was him and his team who mounted it there, so it’s only fair if he dismounts it again. He is, however, welcomed to mount it on my house, then. We have had some problems with burglars in the past around here. I am sure I am gonna have 7d/24h security coverage by police and national securities the moment the flag is up, and even my visitors will be guided safely back home when they leave. And all this at no costs for me. Who could ask for more. I’ll do a selfie with him if he climbs up there with the flag in his hand. Not only he has a great sense for business.

But seriously, if we want that things like elections or religion or different opinions do not separate us, we need to come clear with some points.

I saw a post of a guy in a car mocking about the young protesters. The problem I have with this is that I couldn’t find anything of the same guy mocking about Donald’s Trump predicting riots if he wasn’t nominated. Let me quote Donald Trump to put the thing right “I think you would have riots,” he said. “You know, I’m representing many, many millions of people.“ including the Second Amendment people, if I may add that. He was not even willing to assure that he would respect the vote prior to a positive result for him. I personally am easy with forgiving young people if they are a bit more emotional and perhaps sometimes not so balanced with their choice of means. This video all too much sounds more like revanchism to me, and less the one of a person who would like to build bridges. Its an victors’ justice appeal, in my opinion a very poor attempt and a bad service for their own affair.

I saw another post of someone saying something like “get over it  .. if things go wrong we can change that in the next election in 4 years … but give this guy a chance now“. Sounds fair in my view, but it isn’t. I was born long after the 2nd world war, even my parents were born after the 2nd word war. And yet, the whole world until today remembers those dark years. And they rightly do. What people in the US perhaps don’t know is that this guy from the 1930ies with the ridiculous beard and the funny way to talk was elected by not even half of the german population. In those days Germany faced 9 elections in only 14 years and many people had strong reasons to believe, that there was a 20th election to follow quickly enough. It never happened. So to say, let’s take someone who is perhaps a bit brusque in the way he talks but at least he cracks the crusts may be tempting but might come out badly with no chance to correct it later and is just the kind of trap that can enable a vicious circle if things to go severely wrong. If you stand for an opinion, honestly and fair, you should and should be able to express it any times while respecting fairness, ethics and rights of the others.

And that leads me to my suggestions:

  1. If the people who haven’t voted for Trump argue for a while, moan even perhaps or organize placid protest, Trump voters should show some empathy. It is not even Trump himself who would have denied that it would be absolutely the same with his supporters if Hillary Clinton would have won. If you REALLY want to build bridges, then give the others a chance to treat their pain. Show gratitude, and overlook the one or other questionable comment or action. It might come in handy anyway, since there is a possibility that Donald Trump himself will generously overlook the one or other comment and promise he made.
  2. We all must come clear with the fact that sometimes things don’t go the way we like it. But we have to learn to bear it with dignity, generosity and respect. We may not accept elections only if the ‚right side‘ wins. That’s in fact a blemish that will stay on Donald Trump’s election for the rest of his life. The fact that he accused the electoral process beforehand as manipulated and had no problem with it the moment he won. That’s misplaying. And it wrongly spurs the  victors’ justice mentality.
  3. We face a lot of political processes which trouble us, worry us, depress us, no matter which side we’re on. Once the voters have spoken, we have one group who noisy triumphs kicking the dignity and rights of the others, and we have the other group of those who cannot bear the result and show a great lack of respect and small-mindedness by questioning all and everyone without valid reason.
  4. No matter how things go from now, even if things would go well, it doesn’t mean that things would have gone even better with the other candidate. Likewise, if things go bad, it does not automatically mean, they couldn’t have been worse with the other candidate. It’s a waste of time to consider options that are no longer existing and with results who can never be proven and (and this is more important) will never occur. Life is short and precious. We need to deal with the things the way they are, not with those which could have been. Those are good for a relaxed and refreshing dream at night. Don’t stop to evaluate your decision daily or weekly. And be frank with yourself at all time whether what you see happening is to be judged as positive or negative. And take the responsibility AT ALL TIMES. If you have voted for the candidate and he won, then all the things who go bad with his unfortunate actions are your responsibility as well. Don’t try to run away from it, or blame that you’ve had no idea or didn’t meant to. There is no reset button in life. Life has just one direction. No matter who wins in an election, there will always, … always … be people who will gain from it and people who will be left behind, go broke, die even through it or will be stigmatized for the rest of their lives. If you take part in it by means of your vote, then you need to bear the responsibilities. It’s not that you shall lean back and wait for the 4 or 5 years and state its none of your business. Those people who join the “winners side” are responsible for the actions that happen to the “losers side“, for the good and the bad. It happened in their name!

So, Trump voters, take the chance while things went your way this time and show and prove and make sure, that you were right and others were wrong or too negative. And if you see tendencies that goals are going to be missed or turn out to be unacceptable to what you stood and voted for, then stand up and tell. Stand up and fight. It is your turn now.

That’s the most important thing in life, and the thing that would cure many of the problems we have worldwide, if people understood that an election could go wrong, but that the people who voted stand for the morals and ethics of their votes, that they stood up and argued from the very first moment when given promises and predictions wouldn’t be kept or rights cut, and if those who voted for it stood up first, and loud enough and determined enough, then things would be much easier to bear at the end for those who felt like they had lost in the election. And it would indeed build bridges amongst the voters, no matter which side they’d be on. Be active and act human, show gratitude, from the moment your side won. Life is not a game of bingo, you don’t get a fresh card with the same winning chances after this one. Life is a row of consequences, and you created one not just for you but for all people around you. In 4 years time you will hear stories of people who rightly moan about the consequences, and you must be able to stand and justify it in a fair way. You’ll be the reason why some people will be in dismay. It is absolutely true that this is always the case, with each election and result, but it is equally true that those who got the mandate have to take the responsibility for the outcome of their actions.

Trump refusers, stand back and be fair to accept the result and bear the fact that it is not on you to decide. Never give up trying to convince people, carry on arguing if you like, but never load guilt on you that you interfered for the worse only to prove that others can’t make it. You need to realize that it would be an offense against your own people, all people, and it can never be justified by the satisfaction that the other party looked odd because of your action. Your own morals and ethics should apply for yourself at all times, in good as well as in bad times, and be valid towards everyone in the same way. So relax, disengage the gear, put a smile on your face and work on your vacation plans. The good message is, somebody was hired who doesn’t want your support but will have to deliver and explain himself once you’re back in 4 years.

I for myself will take a front row seat in this play of three acts called „Making America Great Again“. I am really curious who the rascal will have been in the end. We all, the mankind including our ancestors have made mankind great on this planet. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem to make as less as not even 5% of the world’s population great again. We all are very excited in all of the 192 greatest nation of the world to learn from the other greatest nation of the world how it’s done properly. Let me get some popcorn and a coke and let’s go.

Take care

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