Rumours & Stars 

Teleporter Representative Refused @Avi Choice Award

We sent out the person we thought was the best pick for an event like the Avi Choice Award. A man, sophisticated, smart, notable and well mannered: NoelCeeAr Resident. We provided him with an unlimited budget for his outfit, drinks and tips on the venue, flowers and chocolate and after show drinks for the lady of his choice for the evening. We ran a marketing promotion on facebook announcing our live ticker from the event and then sat there all evening eagerly waiting for the news he would provide to us. Those moody comments, the insider’s view, the rumors and scandals … We couldn’t have been more mistaken!

All we got was this:


This will be an exciting editors conference on monday morning, and I am really looking forward to it 🙂  NoelCeeAr with his typical monday morning sunglasses and alka seltzer explaining why they didn’t let him in. Maybe his visa was expired, or he travelled from a rogue nation or he still had an open bill at the Avi Choice Award from the last year after show party, or an envious ex girlfriend in the committee?  Who knows … Perhaps we should send an apprentice out there next time. At least his records would be alright then, and he’d be a lot cheaper, considering the after show bill. There is another lecture about the Kiowa-Tano indians in the late 1700, perhaps you’d be able to make it there, Noel? 🙂





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