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And there go another three … Venues dying in SL

The dying of great venues in SL goes on in 2017. With effect of 1st of January 2017 the venues:

  • Beau X
  • Big Buddy’s Blues Bar
  • 29 Palms Beach Rock Club

are closed and all concert cancelled.

Aubray Beaumont: “With regrets and with thanks to the audiences, staff and performers I have decided to take some time off… I have several RL issues and projects I plan to pursue in 2017.

Therefore all Shows will be canceled at all three of my Venues as of January 1 2017

I am sure we will see each other on occasions around the grid and wish you all a very Happy New Year in 2017.

Love and Peace”

That’s a sad start into 2017 somehow, though we wish Aubray all the best of course. And thank you for the music, Aubray.

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