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Grand Opening of the Bouvier Jazz Ballroom, Jan 28th

ŦŁø βøuviėя  (sweetfloxo) is the owner of this brand new venue, and we wish her and her staff lots of fun at a crowded at all times.

I happened to join the grand opening, listening to the amazing Nehama and to a singer I haven’t heard before: Keeba Tammas. And I must say, with both of them, the Bouvier showed already a great sense of choosing high class, talented live singers. It will be pretty interesting to see, who else will be entering the stage at Bouvier’s in future.

Whoever of you couldn’t make it there this Saturday surely missed a great show and a big event. Bouvier Jazz Ballroom is surely worth to pay a visit and stay for a romantic evening.

The venue itself is broad and lovely furnished. It has a very pleasant and inviting atmosphere. The hostess of the evening, Joolsie (jools.innis), did a tremendous job to make everyone feel comfortable.


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