Nonah Reeves live @Branaghs Jazz Club, Friday, March 3rd, 2pm SLT

  Nonah Reeves, one of SL’s most famous and talented jazz singers, will be performing live on stage at the Branagh’s Jazz Club at one hour to midnight European time, which is early afternoon on the U.S. west coast. But no matter what time it is at your end, you shouldn’t miss by any chance this incredible soulful and yet powerful artist. This is Second Life at its best. Location: Branagh’s Date & Time:  every Friday, 2pm SLT Dress Code:  formal http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/West%20Egg/158/135/24 Um eine Stunde vor Mitternacht, was an der U.S.…

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The Caravan moved on

“Die Karawane zieht weiter” (the caravan moves on) is a famous carnival song in Germany. Especially in the area around Cologne carnival is a very important time of the year. Some native bands live entirely on the income they make during the “5th season”. Between Thursday and the following Wednesday public life goes completely crazy, women take over the town hall, shops are closed and pubs are overcrowded, and you’ll see people in fancy dresses literally everywhere …   (Yes, you can search for me somewhere on the picture. I was…

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Fun Time @Black Orchids

Right! I need to confess something:  I am on the group mailing list of the Black Orchid Club. The Black Orchid Club is a Russian venue which regularly presents beautiful dance acts, live music and DJs of course. The point is, I don’t understand a single word when they send their group invites. All I know is, whenever I receive them, it is time to jump over and find out myself. The good thing is, they almost never let me down. The dance acts are stunning, the DJs amazing and the…

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Bravissimo and Da Capo at The Rhiva’s First Burlesque Show

This was my baby, the first Burlesque Show at the «Rhiva The Club». My dream for a long, long time. Finally the management of the Rhiva gave in to give me a slot for my vision of a perfect Burlesque show in Second Life. I hadn’t the faintest clue what it means to run and coordinate a show like this, and it will take a long, long time again if ever,  until I feel mentally and physically strong enough to do a show like this again. I loved the ‘bravissimo’s and…

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Unreleased Pictures of Nonah Reeves’ Secret Rehearsal

Once again «The Teleporter» reporters succeeded to get hands on private classified pictures of Nonah Reeves, this time during her secret rehearsal at the recreation area outside the «Rhiva The Club». It has been quite some years now since Nonah Reeves celebrated her famous campfire song evenings at L&P, during which she allowed people to get a glimpse of her newest range of songs or complete concert sets. Those days seemed to be gone forever. Therefore, it was all the more surprising to find Nonah Reeves yesterday surrounded by a bunch of talented musicians doing…

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Janice Mills live @ Café Port of Dreams, Feb 2017

“Wo gehen wir heute Abend hin?” ist eine der Fragen, die man sich oft im SL stellt. Das Angebot ist nominell groß, doch fällt die Antwort schwer. Genau genommen ist das sogar die Frage, warum der Teleporter entstanden ist. Es gibt eine Reihe von Magazinen, Blogs etc., die Events in Second Life zum Thema haben, aber eine gute und einfach zu lesende Übersicht mit Empfehlungen gibt es nicht so sehr. Das «Café Port of Dreams» ist ein gutes Beispiel dafür. Nun, nachdem ich es besucht habe, kann ich es nur…

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Waiting for Nonah Reeves’ Concert at Branagh’s

Every Friday, if I can make it, I visit the famous Branagh’s Jazz Club between about 12:00pm and 4:00pm. Whoever was there before, will know what I mean when saying: Branagh’s Fridays are sheer magic. Though I am really tempted to call it “the very own Branagh’s Rat Pack”, I perfectly well know, I better never use that term, though Dreama, Pippa, Nonah and Aley are definitely extraordinary good singers and entertainers in SL. You can find other line ups perhaps, but I doubt that you’d be able to find a…

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Peace Valley Pet Cemetery

It sometimes appear to me that in SL there is nothing you can think of, that does not exist! On my constant search for interesting places in SL, I came across this one: a cemetery for animals, be it SL or RL ones. For prices in the region of 100-250L$ you can rent a parcel and have a memorial plate or similar with a picture of your pet on it. I must admit, this is not a place I would visit frequently, however, the good thing with Second Life is, that it has something…

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Janice Mills live – 3 Jahre “Café Port of Dreams”, Feb 18, 12pm SLT

Das sagen die Veranstalter über sich selbst: “Club auf einer  Sim  mit  besonderem Flair, wo man herrlich entspannen kann. Montag bis Sonntag  von 20 – 24 Uhr  mit den besten Live-Dj`s, Party , Tanzen, Event, Romantic, Romantik, Deutsch, Shops., Einfach reinschauen” Veranstaltungsort: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sylvhara/136/70/25 über Janice Mills: https://www.facebook.com/JaniceMillsLiveConcerts/  

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Valentine’s @ Black Orchid’s

A friend of mine invited me to the Black Orchids Valentine’s Day Party. The Black Orchid is an elegant club high in the clouds above Snug Harbor. This time, especially for Valentine’s Day, the organizers had extended the stage to host a beautiful dance show.     Although the Black Orchids is a native Russian club, English speaking visitors are welcomed and well treated. Nobody is left behind by the friendly hostesses. Nevertheless the Russian flair is felt everywhere inside this beautiful club. If you have missed this spectacular show, make…

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