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Unreleased Pictures of Nonah Reeves’ Secret Rehearsal

Once again «The Teleporter» reporters succeeded to get hands on private classified pictures of Nonah Reeves, this time during her secret rehearsal at the recreation area outside the «Rhiva The Club». It has been quite some years now since Nonah Reeves celebrated her famous campfire song evenings at L&P, during which she allowed people to get a glimpse of her newest range of songs or complete concert sets. Those days seemed to be gone forever. Thereforeit was althe more surprising to find Nonah Reeves yesterday surrounded by a bunch of talented musicians doing exactly that: presenting parts of her new set to an enthusiastic audience, mainly consisting of the talent scouts of the Branagh’s Jazz Club.

John D. R., a loyal informant to the Teleporter, gave the decisive tip to our magazine, when he noticed activities at the Branagh’s scouting crew earlier that day. These hints led us straight to the location.

The set of songs seem to still need some fine tuning, at least according to Nonah Reeves, who was not entirely satisfied with the sound of a few tracks. Nevertheless, the overall sound is already more than promising, or “fan – fucking – tastic” as one of the listeners called it. Free Mojitos were served to the waiting audience and to the entire band by the staff of the Rhiva, who themselves, at the same time, were working on the stage design for the upcoming burlesque show.

The rehearsal ended shortly after the 5th round of mojitos with only the piano player still being near perfection with his sound.


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