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Fun Time @Black Orchids

Right! I need to confess something:  I am on the group mailing list of the Black Orchid Club. The Black Orchid Club is a Russian venue which regularly presents beautiful dance acts, live music and DJs of course. The point is, I don’t understand a single word when they send their group invites. All I know is, whenever I receive them, it is time to jump over and find out myself. The good thing is, they almost never let me down. The dance acts are stunning, the DJs amazing and the…

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Bravissimo and Da Capo at The Rhiva’s First Burlesque Show

This was my baby, the first Burlesque Show at the «Rhiva The Club». My dream for a long, long time. Finally the management of the Rhiva gave in to give me a slot for my vision of a perfect Burlesque show in Second Life. I hadn’t the faintest clue what it means to run and coordinate a show like this, and it will take a long, long time again if ever,  until I feel mentally and physically strong enough to do a show like this again. I loved the ‘bravissimo’s and…

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