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Fun Time @Black Orchids

Right! I need to confess something:  I am on the group mailing list of the Black Orchid Club. The Black Orchid Club is a Russian venue which regularly presents beautiful dance acts, live music and DJs of course. The point is, I don’t understand a single word when they send their group invites. All I know is, whenever I receive them, it is time to jump over and find out myself. The good thing is, they almost never let me down. The dance acts are stunning, the DJs amazing and the live singers good looking 🙂 .

I hadn’t planned to be anywhere near SL tonight, since there are parties going on in my home city. Yes guys, I have a RL home landmark. But since only watching 30 minutes where fun already, I wrote this short comment and added the attached pictures. Have a great evening, and see you all soon.

Take care




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