Nonah Reeves kidnapped by aliens or competitors?

Nonah Reeves, SL’s most celebrated jazz singer, was sorely missed on Friday at Branagh’s Jazz Club. After Dreama Summerwind’s wonderful performance and still before Pippa Exonar was to light up stage, the singer’s spot remained empty, while the responsible pulled a wry face. For the time being it is not clear where she is and what happened. Her former manager, Monsieur Jean Levalle, has expressed his serious concerns and offered a 100L$ finder’s fee. Nonah Reeves, SL’s gefeierte Jazz Sängerin, wurde am Freitag im Branagh’S Jazz Club schmerzlich vermisst. Nach Dreama Summerwind’s…

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Live Music 

Nonah Reeves Live Presenting Her New ‘Chilled Jazz Set’ Aboard SS Diva, APR 2, 2pm SLT

Premiere for Nonah Reeves’ Chilled Jazz Set And for this, the management of Nonah Reeves has chosen a very unique location. The S.S. Diva will clean the decks for Nonah’s live concert at 2pm SLT. The luxury steamer will put out to sea at 1pm SLT and offers a vast program all around Nonah’s concert. 1:00pm – 4:00pm SLT:  The restaurant on the 1st deck will be available for all guests 1:20 pm – 1:40pm SLT: The cinema on the 2nd deck will show the movie «The Evil Darkness», an entirely…

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Fantastic Video Production by Dylan Sinatra, Dee Mikaelson and Dean Lockheart

One of the inspiring aspects of Second Life is the never ending flow of talented people and the results the combination of both leads to. One of the best examples of it is the underneath video produced by Dylan Sinatra together with Dee Mikaelson together and Dean Lockheart. You should really take the time to watch it.     Ein inspirierender Aspekt von Second Life ist der stetige Fluss von echten Talenten in Second Life und die Ergebnisse, die aus der Kombination entstehen. Das oben stehende  Video ist ein beredetes Beispiel dafür. Schaut…

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Rumours & Stars 

Nonah Reeves Sighted @Addicted Paparazzo Lounge

  Caught by Paparazzi but not disturbed this time: Nonah Reeves after her fantastic concert at Branagh’s. But she would have known anyway, as the name of the place is «Addicted Paparazzo Lounge». Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Radikal/39/228/3162 Erwischt von Paparazzi aber diesmal nicht gestört: Nonah Reeves nach ihrem fantastischen Konzert bei Branagh’s. Aber sie wird es ohnehin gewusst haben, wo der Name der Lounge «Addicted Paparazzo Lounge» lautet. Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Radikal/39/228/3162

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James Bond 007 @La Coquette Cabaret, Mar 26th, 1pm SLT

  Can there be a more obligatory event for a real man than a James Bond themed Cabaret evening at «La Coquette Cabaret»? – Not for the entire male staff of The Teleporter. They have a joint visit to the hairdresser in the morning, a joint excursion to the perfume store for that 007 after shave and a joint consulting hour at «Dress to Date Outfittery» center town, before they all head out for the La Coquette Cabaret theatre at Jungle in a rented Aston Martin. What they haven’t considered though is,…

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Un angolo verde: «La Corte di Angri»

  In need of a recommendation of a romantic place to sit, watch and talk? Have a look at «La Corte di Angri», a beach surrounded charming little sim with a toscan touch. You will sure love the romantic garden and the sweet pond with all its fauna and flora. Occasionally you will also be able to join live music concerts there. Have a look yourself. SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Palmetta/7/31/22     Braucht Ihr eine Empfehlung für einen romantischen Platz zum Sitzen, Schauen und Unterhalten? Dann schaut Euch einmal «La Corte di Angri» an, eine Strand-umsäumte…

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About A Man Who Set Forth To Buy A Male Mesh Head

Do these mail-order bride catalogues really exist? – In Second Life they do exist in a male version when it comes to the attempt of buying a male mesh head. A friend of mine, a woman who will feel deeply embarrassed now and blushing to the max for sure if I mention her name here, which I luckily for her won’t do, told me, that I may no longer be so badly behind the times with my all-in-one Tellaq avatar and should go and find me a mesh head at least if not a full…

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Live Music Reviews Shows 

Feted Inner Concerts 1st Concert A Doozie!

Katya Koval’s first attempt to reshuffle the cards in the favorite venue market has left a clear mark. Her choice to start off with Nonah Reeves and her electro set, was a brilliant one. I heard it the third time now and still, I cannot remember to have heard something comparably good when it comes to quality in SL. A truly brilliant performance! The venue was nicely crowded. It seems like messages has gone around that the Nonah Reeves electro set is something one shouldn’t miss out in SL. I took…

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NoelCeeAr’s Ultimate Flirt Leads for Men – Decoding Female Adoration Patterns

Guys, admit it, while being in Second Life, we cannot deny the fact, that there are more women in SL than, let’s say mammoths. So, if we want to minimize our efforts, hunting  women around us makes sense. And even if it is only to keep in practice. The first thing I usually hear or read as an advice for men is „be yourself“. Frankly, that’s rubbish. You know yourself and how being yourself ended repeatedly in RL. It’s a myth, and really, who knows better who we are when…

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Clubs German Community | Man spricht Deutsch Reviews 

Eine Nacht an der Bar des «Anquilla» Nachtclubs

    An diesem Dienstag habe ich mich in das Milieu des SL begeben, einen Bereich, den ich der Reputation wegen immer ein bisschen vernachlässigt habe. Eine gute Freundin lud mich in den Anquilla Nachtclub ein. Ich weiß nicht, wie ich die mit der Einladung verbundene Empfehlung “… Du musst aber einen guten Anzug anziehen …” werten muss, ein Bündel von kleinen L$-Scheinen habe ich mir aber selbstverständlich, gerollt und mit einem Gummi zusammengehalten, in die Taschen gesteckt. Man ist schließlich Lebemann im SL.     Der erste Eindruck war rundherum positiv. Die…

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