Live Music Party 

New Kid on the Block: Feted Inner Concerts, Mar 18, 1pm SLT Presenting Nonah Reeves’ Legendary Electro Set live

  There’s a new kid on the block in Second Life’s venue community. Its name is «Feted Inner Concerts» [FIC] and they start furiously coming Saturday, March 18th, live with the legendary Electro Set of the SL celebrity Nonah Reeves, which ran under the brand of «Breaking Habits Show» twice only in 2016. This show definitely deserves a 5-star-rating amongst live performances in Second Life. You won’t have the chance to get to listen to a comparable show very often in SL. Underneath you will find the official trailer of…

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German Community | Man spricht Deutsch Party 

Fischer Women’s Friends bei der Seejungfrau

Helene Fischer Abend im Arielle Eine sichere 5-Sterne-Veranstaltung gibt es am Samstagabend im Arielle, wenn DJ Myrrdin die Ehre hat, durch einen Helene-Fischer-Abend zu führen. DJ Myrrdin wird eine gewisse Nähe zu Helene Fischer nachgesagt. Diese könnte ihm diesmal zum Vorteil gereichen, wenn er für sein Set ausnahmsweise einmal nur auf seine private Favoritenliste zurückgreifen muss. Großartige Unterstützung ist ihm dabei genauso gewiss wie eine fantastische Stimmung. Die deutsche Fußballnationalmannschaft wird aufgrund des Bundesligaspielplans nicht anwesend sein können, man rechnet aber neben DJ Candy, DJ Morgana, DJ Dark, DJ Rose, DJ Sannchen, DJ Jarvi,…

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Live Music 

Women’s Day @Branagh’s, Friday, MAR 10th, 12pm – 4pm

  Journalistically it is no fun to report every week again about the same event, the Branagh’s line-up of SL mega stars. Music-wise, however, it is great happiness for those live music fans allover SL knowing where to go to on Fridays.  So here it is, the line up for today:   • 12pm Dreama Summerwind (and her baby girl singing background if we’re lucky) • 1pm Pippa Exonar • 2pm Noah Reeves • 3pm AleyKat   Date: Mar 10th, 2017 Dress Code: semi-formal Location:   Journalistisch macht es keinen Spaß, jeden…

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Clubs Party Reviews 

Hurry For Harry @Bohannon

Tuesday evening in Second Life always appeared as dead to me as two o’clock in the afternoon on a Norwegian fish market. If the Linden rollout doesn’t get you, then deserted sims and clubs do usually. Not so at Bohannon. My expectations for a Tuesday evening were low, until a call reached me that DJ Harry Hargreaves is spinning the vinyl at Bohannon. The club was crowded, the girls pretty, the guys handsome, the atmosphere pleasant and the DJ simply one of the best in SL. I had the chance to…

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Culture & Arts 

Materialized at the Star Trek Museum

Doing a kind of a magazine quickly gets you to the point where people start discussing who is doing what … fashion, music, sports, travel … many topics and many likings. I personally am rather the lazy type and wouldn’t mind to just see them all doing something as long as I am not asked to do something myself. But of course sooner or later you cannot avoid to contribute to it. So I thought my moment had come when I read about a ‘Star Trek Museum’ in SL. I…

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Breakfast at Branagh’s

Many visitors mistakenly  believe that West Egg, which is the correct name of  the sim, is just a synonym for the famous Branagh’s Jazz Club. But they couldn’t be more mistaken. West Egg is an enchanting place of plenty of opportunities. You really should take the chance to stroll along the park outside the regular concert program, and you will literally feel the magic of it. Or take a seat alongside the ocean and watch the seagulls sailing and the surges foaming the sea. If you are lucky, you’ll be invited by the friendly…

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Live Music Shopping 

Savannah Rain @MadPea’s, Wednesday, March 1st, 1pm SLT

What more can I expect: a live concert in a shopping alley. –  MadPea’s International Food Fair makes it possible. Tonight at 1pm SLT the famous Savannah Rain takes the stage at this beautiful place. I am really curious to see the audience all packed with paper bags watching the stage. It’ll be a complete new second life experience 🙂 But Savannah Rain is always worth to watch and listen, no matter how busy you are with shopping, preparing dinner or ironing in RL. And especially if she has a…

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