Live Music Reviews 

Electrified Audience @Feted Inner Concerts

There they were again, Nonah and Jadore, at «Feted Inner Concerts» performing their fabulous ‘Electro Set’. This entire live show is mixed up only for the SL event, it is absolutely unique therefore, it is absolutely live, and it is absolutely stunning. Nonah Reeves performs in SL like no-one else, that’s a fact. But this time, we did not  just have the chance to listen to amazing Nonah, but we had also her RL daughter joining in. It is an outstanding quality the two bring onto the stage, from the first to…

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Reviews Sports 

Female Wrestling Mania at DCW Arena

I didn’t know that there was any wrestling at all in Second Life, but a little video clip on Facebook made me aware of a championship wrestling fight that day at noon at the DCW arena. And of course I had to be there and see what it was like. I was surprised by the very professional look of the arena, and I realized there was even a commentator doing a nice job. I arrived just in time for the first fight, to put some money on the redhead. I always…

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Rare Nonah Concert Today and live at the Feted Inner Concerts

She’s back! Nonah will repeat her “electro set” at the Feted Inner Concerts on Saturday, April 8 at 2pm SLT. This additional concert was agreed onto only a few days ago, we got the information fresh from her manager’s desk. The electro set is a comprehensive project and a milestone in SL live music. It is already epic today though it was first performed only a year ago. On stage you will not only hear Nonah Reeves live, but also her RL daughter who takes over the rapping part in the…

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