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Art Gallery of Dea K ART

I discovered my love for picture art in SL rather late. But nowadays, I am a frequent visitor of art exhibitions and galleries. It is even fun to go there with friends or a partner, you wouldn’t believe it. Today I call quite some pictures, paintings, drawings and photographic arts my own. They decorate my home nicely and fill it with a certain spirit and atmosphere. Today I visited the art gallery of Dea K ART. I bought the “white dressed lady painting” in the end together with a more colorful from…

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Sumo Wrestlers Welcome At A Man’s World @Male Mesh Outlet, Vice Beach

I love this marketing 🙂  !  Which other shop do you know, where when you land, you first are invited to a sumo wrestling rink? At the Male Mesh Outlet store you can do just 2 things: sumo wrestle or buy men’s fashion. And clearly you don’t land in the shop, you land near the sumo HUD. Well done guys! This is totally a man’s shop. The selection of clothes, the colors, textures, slogans on the t-shirts … make you feel home and well understood. Just don’t make the mistake…

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