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Inside Report: Slave Auctions in SL

Human trafficking and slavery, large parts of the world have banned that and for good reason. We heard in SecondLife such still exists, that there are even markets for slaves? The Teleporter delivers some insight into The Forbidden Desire Auction Palace, one of the big auction houses. Find out what this is all about. The reality may be a surprise…

Friday, April 14th. The hanging cages seem to be a bit out of place, archaic. The market is an open park with rows of cushions and some pedestals. In the center is a wide walkway coming from the landing point with seats and benches facing the grass. Barely clothed men and women are sitting or kneeling in the green, silently whispering in IM with well dressed counterparts sitting comfortably. At the head of the park is a large wall with a number of boards. On each board is a name, a photograph and a price. We have found the place. It doesn’t really look like the sinister place we expected.

Venus, one of two owners of The Forbidden Desire Auction Palace welcomes us with a coffee. She is slow with us, sets up a new auctionee as they are called, explains the process. “Bidders bid on a contract about the auctionees for a period of two weeks. Afterwards, they are free to decide if they want to stay together or not.” She encourages the redhead in front of her talk a lot with the potential bidders, she should try to find out if they are a good match. “Yes, actually, we are bringing people together. The auctionees we have on sale are interested in meeting kinky people, they have preferences from the BDSM spectrum. We offer them a safe and comfortable place, a temporary family if you will, and make sure they meet a lot of potential bidders – possible partners.” We ask further. “The auctions are organized in rounds of two weeks. All boards have a countdown, the next auction ends on sunday, noon SLT *sharp*.” She hands us a notecard, buyers guide and refund policy, turns to the girl and we soon see a board appearing with the new girl on it, an early sign up for the next round. After taking a cookie from a table with treats, the new auctionee joins a small group of other girls sitting there. One more cushion is occupied, she kneels and waits, nibbles on the cookie and befriends the other girls around.

“No, this is of course not slavery as we all hopefully only know it from history courses at school. That would be disgusting and a crime. Our auctionees are submissives looking for dominants. Adults seeking others sharing these preferences. There are many ‘flavors’ to it, so it’s hard to find a good match. Auctions are an established way to meet and we have seen it all happen here. Of course, not every single sale leads to eternal happiness, but we know of a lot of couples being together for a long time and it is not unheard of that some of those that met here are now married in real life.” We’re getting to the business aspect of the auction. “The house keeps a small share of the winning bid so we can keep our doors open and pay our staff. We see to it that we have someone here 24/7, we do not want the auctionees to ever be alone when they are on display here. If they have questions or just feel uneasy, maybe about something they discuss with a bidder, we provide someone to help them out.” According to the auctionee package she hands us, 70% of the winning bids are paid to the auctionees upon fulfillment of the two weeks contract.

Saturday, April 15th. The boards have changed. Most of them already have bids on them. The timer who told days changed to a real countdown, a clock ticking down. Mary Klauss, the other owner of the house, is on duty, covering an empty spot on the staff board. While Venus is a slave, she identifies as a submissive. “Being a submissive or slave in our context doesn’t mean you are weak or incompetent or a victim.”, she explains rather amused after our surprised question how she can run a business like this. This is not your grandfathers slavery, for sure. The aspect that money is involved lead to more questions from us. “Most auctionees are looking for a serious and longterm relationship. The payment involved makes everyone think twice if it is a good idea to go the next step. You also have to consider the relations: We’re talking about the ballpark range of a night out. So, it’s a date and usually not an expensive one.” We would like to know if there are auctionees only in it for the money. “Well, it’s not something you get rich with. Consider the time on display and then the time with the bidder. We also have an eye on our auctionees. Some come to be auctioned several times. It’s hard to find the right partner. Just like in real life, such happens rarely on the first try. We are pretty good at telling who is just after our bidders money and surely discourage them from joining us.”

We meet an auctionee, a slave looking for an owner. How does she feel? “I’m excited, I have met two very interesting Dominants, both have bid on me.” She seems to be all happy how things go. A formidable bidding battle about the blonde can be expected. “It’s a good thing, after two weeks here I am going to see a whole different place for the next two weeks.” We want to know if she thinks she will be staying with her bidder. “I don’t know. I mean… you never know. But the two seem to be good, I will surely try my best.” One of them comes back to check, he has received his money back because he was outbid. At Forbidden Desires, the starting bid is 2,500 L$ and increments are 1,000 L$. The man wears a suit, sits down in front of the girl he is interested in, stays for a while.



Sunday, April 16th. Approaching noon SLT, the place is crowded. Some staff is around, many auctionees and even more bidders. The boards get updated rapidly, bids are placed in quick succession now. Melissa Grey, manager at Fordidden Desires and being in charge at the end of the auction, reminds everyone in local. “Please Do Not leave your bidding until the last second, the boards will close at noon sharp. Do not risk losing your Desires due to last minutes lag.” We’re asked to sit down, this reduces lag. The auctionees are happily nervous, looking forward to be taken to a new home. Time runs out. The first ones break the discipline, hug other auctionees, the moment is getting emotional.

Sunday, April 16th, 12:00pm SLT. The boards close. Masters, Mistresses, Owner and slaves, subs, pets fall into each others arms and embark to new adventures.
The final announcement for the round is coming from Venus “Please keep in mind to not leave the auctionees group during your contract time. Inform your winning bidder with a notecard if he or she isn’t around here and do send them a friend request. If you need anything, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here for you and will help you. We wish you all good luck and that you find happiness.

We will miss you.”


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