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Enthusiastic Audience at Premiere of Musical «SL Momente»

Wonderful Musical Event at JM Visions Theater «SL Momente» is a musical written by Jade and Maik, the founders of JM Visions. It is an emotional journey through Second Life, recalling feelings and experiences we all have made in SL. The powerful pictures and the well chosen songs make this musical another milestone in premium entertainment in SL. 85 visitors at the peak followed Marie, Molly, Tyson and DJ Beau and others through their ups and downs on occasion of the premiere on April 21. There wasn’t a single seat left in the…

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Rumours & Stars 

Hacker Attack Attempt On The Teleporter

Seriously? We feel privileged and honored to have become target of a hacker attack in the afternoon on Friday April 21. We couldn’t be more proud to be chosen as either a hub to be compromised in order to hijack our readership, or as an all too loud and well known voice in the world that needs to be muted by scared opponents. Either way, we accept the poll! We have all too often been let down in the past, … at the Pulitzer Price Award, … the Best Ava Choice…

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