Musical Premiere «SL Momente» @JM Visions Theatre, APR 21, 12pm SLT

Mit vielen Vorschusslorbeeren starten JM Visions in ihr nächstes Großprojekt, dem im Second Life spielenden Musical «SL Momente». Wir hatten die Gelegenheit, bei den letzten Proben vor der Premiere am 22. April dabei zu sein. «SL Momente» handelt von einer Gruppe befreundeter Personen, die auf vielfältige Weise mit einander verbunden sind, die jedoch die Wägbarkeiten des Second Life auseinander zu treiben droht. Der Mehrakter ist sehr unterhaltsam, die Bühnenbilder sind stimmig und optisch gelungen und die Effekte sind beeindruckend. Ein in jeder Hinsicht fesselndes Musical, mit vielen gefühlsintensiven Momenten. «SL Momente» führt uns in überaus…

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Live Music 

Nonah Reeves Debut @Chattanooga Dancing on Sunday Apr 23, 12pm SLT

Beppo Hausner will be the host of Nonah Reeves’ debut at «Chattanooga Dancing», a German sim by origin, with an international scope of activities. And here’s our recommendation: don’t just TP there for Nonah’s concert, but take our landmark further down, take some more time and jump on the train instead. It is such a lovely ride, and it takes you right to the port of your call on that day. But you’ll get to know many other beautiful places of this sim on the way. Sports, recreation, and entertainment ……

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Culture & Arts Shopping 

Art Gallery of Dea K ART

I discovered my love for picture art in SL rather late. But nowadays, I am a frequent visitor of art exhibitions and galleries. It is even fun to go there with friends or a partner, you wouldn’t believe it. Today I call quite some pictures, paintings, drawings and photographic arts my own. They decorate my home nicely and fill it with a certain spirit and atmosphere. Today I visited the art gallery of Dea K ART. I bought the “white dressed lady painting” in the end together with a more colorful from…

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Sumo Wrestlers Welcome At A Man’s World @Male Mesh Outlet, Vice Beach

I love this marketing 🙂  !  Which other shop do you know, where when you land, you first are invited to a sumo wrestling rink? At the Male Mesh Outlet store you can do just 2 things: sumo wrestle or buy men’s fashion. And clearly you don’t land in the shop, you land near the sumo HUD. Well done guys! This is totally a man’s shop. The selection of clothes, the colors, textures, slogans on the t-shirts … make you feel home and well understood. Just don’t make the mistake…

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Adventures & Games Real Estate, Rentals Sports 

Looking for a New Home? – Then 3Bears Resort Might Be the Place for You.

Only recently we added a new category to The Teleporter. My visit to the 3Bears Resort came just in time to justify the first entry into the new category “Real Estate & Rentals”. It’s like with all the offers, in the end it is your taste that counts and nothing else. However, 3Bears Resort has a lot to offer. There is a small but well equipped amusement park in one corner, a beautiful village right in the center with shops and bars, a nice market square which obviously is prepared for…

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In Love with the Cannibals

I always wonder how much creativeness there is in Second Life even after such a long time. Not to become biased on a certain topic, like my all time favorite ‘shopping’, I decided to contribute to the Teleporter with an article about a romantic place, and I was looking for a beautiful beach with sunshine, sand, cozy hideaways and lots of plants of course. I ended up in a place called “Cannibals Islands”.  The wind light at this place rather reminds of doomsday than romance and light hearted moments, however, it…

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German Community | Man spricht Deutsch Rumours & Stars 

Interview with the makers of «Lifetime Melodies»

ÜberSL Momente: Lieben * Lachen * Leidendas neue Stück von JM Visions Nach dem Erfolgsstück «Lifetime Melodies» steht JM Visions vor der Premiere ihres nächsten großen Stücks: «SL Momente». Wir hatten die Gelegenheit mit Jade und Maik, den Gründern von JM Visions, über ihre Visionen und Erfahrungen zu sprechen. Hier ist das Interview, welches Anna mit den Beiden führte.Wer mehr zu JM Vision wissen möchte, hier ist die sUrl zum JM Vision Theater, in dem auch das neue Stück uraufgeführt werden wird:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Royal%20Oaks/85/38/3865Wer mehr über das erste Stück, «Lifetime Melodies» erfahren möchte, hier…

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Live Music Reviews 

Electrified Audience @Feted Inner Concerts

There they were again, Nonah and Jadore, at «Feted Inner Concerts» performing their fabulous ‘Electro Set’. This entire live show is mixed up only for the SL event, it is absolutely unique therefore, it is absolutely live, and it is absolutely stunning. Nonah Reeves performs in SL like no-one else, that’s a fact. But this time, we did not  just have the chance to listen to amazing Nonah, but we had also her RL daughter joining in. It is an outstanding quality the two bring onto the stage, from the first to…

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Reviews Sports 

Female Wrestling Mania at DCW Arena

I didn’t know that there was any wrestling at all in Second Life, but a little video clip on Facebook made me aware of a championship wrestling fight that day at noon at the DCW arena. And of course I had to be there and see what it was like. I was surprised by the very professional look of the arena, and I realized there was even a commentator doing a nice job. I arrived just in time for the first fight, to put some money on the redhead. I always…

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