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Flashmob At The Underground

Picture yourself at an underground station staring at some rhythmic grooving foreigners, while an oppressively fitting music from an borg-like assimilated DJ echoes through the halls and tunnels of Gerstle’s subway system. That’s what I got into on Sunday evening, when my dear friend Katya Koval teleported me to her newest SL creation. The upper as well as the underworld beautifully matching in its distinctive architecture, created by the idiosyncratic artist and builder Katya Koval, are a good example of how spirit and art can enrich SL and evoke the proper feeling for the right event.

Consequently I got a coke off the beverage dispenser, while being lulled by the clicking sound of the various machines in the gambling hall. DJ emma really nailed it with her delicate selection of songs. The whole party would have had a bizarre touch of a zombie walk, if the local chat had not made it clear that there where still living creatures interacting. The hypothermic functional atmosphere definitely worked its way backward through the cables straight to the individuals behind the keyboards who dropped in flashmob-style  during the party.

It took me a while to realize that there was no underground train ever to appear that night, before I took the moving stairs up to catch some fresh air. And I haven’t dared yet to check during daylight, whether the party is still on down there.

Have a look yourself and get paralyzed here:

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