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All You Don’t Know About Dreama Summerwind

Tonight I willingly followed an invitation of my dear friend Tersimus. Once again he had made his living room available to the public for the fabulous concert of Dreama Summerwind. Tersimus and Wieke sporadically invite top artists to do live performances for a selective audience. “The Living Room Concert[s]”, as they call it, are always a safe bet when it comes to best SL entertainment.

And of course, this show tonight was no exception. Dreama let the audience sway to her wonderful voice and songs, some of which she only added recently to her repertoire, performing them masterly of course, like she always does.

It was one of those great evenings where everything seems to fit beautifully.

I personally enjoyed the concert right from The Living Room’s perhaps best sorted bar in whole SL. I mean, which club is so caring to employ a bald barkeeper only to make sure that no hair would ever be able to spoil your drink?

And I could have listened to Dreama all evening when she finished her concert at one third of my way through the beverage list already. I had just skipped the soft drinks and finished on the long drinks, ready for the shots, when she thanked the audience and cleared the stage. I was blinded by the spotlights for a moment which reflected from the barkeeper’s bald patch, but I spotted Dreama dancing with her manager Allen (Impress Allen), one of the cool and professional guys in the live music scene, if you need someone to talk to about live events and musicians. I cannot quite recall how we got to the point that she does a “Mermaid Show” as well. My reading of the thing is, it must most probably have been at the occasion of me reaching to the water section on the beverage list, but no matter how I got there, I did my duty and took note of the fact that Dreama obviously does a mermaid show as well, “with pearls” as she insisted, whatever that means 🙂

I offer here and now 500L$ for the first one who TPs me in on a Dreama & Friends Mermaid Show!

Having finished the “Beers of the World” listing from the backside of the beverages menu I made 3 basic assessments:

  • I hope the room I went to was really the gents room,
  • Dreama must be looking stunning in a mermaids costume,
  • I seized the day to make a selfie with Dreama, asking to write something nice on the backside of the picture. This way I will be able tomorrow to confirm that all this really happened.

But seriously, it was one of the magic evenings in SL. If you have missed it, you really missed a good one. A big ‘Thank you’ for the evening goes to Tersimus, Wieke, Dreama and Impress Allen.

And you guys reading this article better watch our upcoming events list if you want to be where the good things happen in SL.

Take care


Ah, and she is a good dancer either, according to herself. 🙂



Dreama Summerwind on Facebook:

Contact her management inworld: Impress Allen

or on Facebook: Carl Manz

The Living Room:

Contact the venue owners on Facebook:

Tersimus Harrington


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