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First Life had Woodstock, Second Life has its Lake House parties. Admittedly, the comparison is hampered by the fact that the number of visitors is restricted to, I think, some mere 100 people, the singers and bands don’t earn a fortune and it didn’t rain when I was there, but indeed the atmosphere was marvelous, and the groupies were topless. Well, the male ones were, not the females though. What’s wrong with SL lately?! 🙂

After mesh hairs, jeans, eyeballs and tank tops had settled, a nice group of people, set out in a lovely scenery in the pristine garden around the Lake House, vividly partied at the venue’s first anniversary, listening to the great tunes of some of the most celebrated SL stars.

While this anniversary party was certainly an extraordinary event for the organizers, I may stress that I’ve been to the place a few times now, and it was always a very pleasant atmosphere and great fun. It is definitely one of those places in SL that are safe to recommend.

Happy anniversary The Lake House!


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