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Nonah Reeves Back from Holidays | First Concert Friday, JUL 28, 1pm SLT

Nonah Reeves is back from vacation and will perform on Branagh’s stage on Friday, July 28 at 1pm SLT. In the last 12 months Nonah has been almost exclusively singing for Branagh’s Jazz, and it was her, who filled the opening of the new event location at West Egg on July 8th with her “Chilled Jazz Set”. While postcards to the Branagh’s team proved that she was on holidays, it did, however, not reveal where she had been. Her suntan lines may perhaps give a brief indication. The Teleporter has…

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Adventures & Games Hot 

Urban Roleplay SIM «Asphyxiation Point»

Role playing is a big thing in SL. A sim that is dedicated to urban live role playing in its many aspects is «Asphyxiation». Set in a lovely landscape, you are free to become anything you like: mayor, police man or woman, tourist, thief or hooker. The ‘adult’ ranked sim offers many beautiful places. It is even worth a recommendation if you only look for a place to take some urban lifestyle themed pictures. Don’t miss to visit the sewers while you are there. A good guess of what «Asphyxiation»…

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Hanging Out At The Alpha Gym Fitness Club

“What’s the point of a fitness gym in a virtual world like Second Life ?” one may ask indeed. But I was always curious about it, NOT ABOUT THE MEN AND THE MUSCLES IN THE CLUB, to put that straight right from the beginning!! 🙂 My place of study was the trendy «Alpha Gym Fitness Club», a location that was surprisingly well frequented while I was there. Of course you find all the fitness devices  you usually expect there. The club truly gives you the fitness club feeling without the smell…

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Culture & Arts 

Grand Opening of «The Perfect Harmony Art Gallery»

I recently enjoy visiting art related sims a lot. Sculptures, pictures and drawings exhibited in Second Life bear a strange touch in my opinion, but in a very positive way. It’s a double twist showing surrealistic worlds in pictures inside a virtual world, or sculptures in a virtual 3D world. It is difficult to explain, but for me it turns the ‘all is possible’ feeling into an ‘absolutely no boundaries’ feeling. Watching the objects I enter in a intended dialogue with the artist in an undefined state of being. Of…

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Live Music Party Reviews 

New Event Place at Branagh’s Opened to the Public

There is no doubt, that for all lovers of live jazz music the Branagh’s Friday is an attraction of its own. In winter times usually held indoor at the beautiful mansion, in other seasons outside in the Branagh’s Park, it is always classy and packed with the creme de la creme of SL’s live musicians. The Branagh’s team has a very sophisticated sense of quality and atmosphere. And the visitor finds it in every aspect of the event: the line up of artists, the landscape, the attention to details, Branagh’s even…

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Clubs German Community | Man spricht Deutsch Party 

Celtic Catering -The Celtic Dance Club

Die Kelten waren in der Antike eigentlich eher weniger durch ihre Spaßkultur bekannt. Auch nicht durch ihre besondere Küche oder Getränke, obwohl Asterix und Obelix genau genommen Kelten waren, und insofern war der Zaubertrank also ein keltisches Getränk. Aber wir wissen ja nicht mal wie er geschmeckt hat. Schön gemacht hat er jedenfalls nicht. Wildschweinspieße findet man deshalb auch vergeblich im Celtic Dance Club, einem sehr aktiven deutschsprachigen Club mit ausgeprägter DJ Kultur. In einer Südsee-Idylle gelegen macht der luftig und im Bali-Stil gehaltene Club einen offenen und freundlichen Eindruck….

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