Hanging Out At The Alpha Gym Fitness Club

“What’s the point of a fitness gym in a virtual world like Second Life ?” one may ask indeed. But I was always curious about it, NOT ABOUT THE MEN AND THE MUSCLES IN THE CLUB, to put that straight right from the beginning!! 🙂 My place of study was the trendy «Alpha Gym Fitness Club», a location that was surprisingly well frequented while I was there. Of course you find all the fitness devices  you usually expect there. The club truly gives you the fitness club feeling without the smell…

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Culture & Arts 

Grand Opening of «The Perfect Harmony Art Gallery»

I recently enjoy visiting art related sims a lot. Sculptures, pictures and drawings exhibited in Second Life bear a strange touch in my opinion, but in a very positive way. It’s a double twist showing surrealistic worlds in pictures inside a virtual world, or sculptures in a virtual 3D world. It is difficult to explain, but for me it turns the ‘all is possible’ feeling into an ‘absolutely no boundaries’ feeling. Watching the objects I enter in a intended dialogue with the artist in an undefined state of being. Of…

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