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The Romperdales Sparkling Premiere

They weren’t the «Cheaperdales» at all, as some of the visitors may have suggested. The Romperdales instead turned out to most probably be the next background dancer squad of the amazing Nonah Reeves. At least they definitely strive for higher tasks. At the familiar sound of any song you can imagine in a stripper show, they showed backbone 🙂 and kept their clothes on. Certainly sponsored by the designer of the rompers, they delivered a classy show of male group dancing, synchronous and on the beat as can be. The audience…

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Skye Galaxy in Concert @Key West, July 29, 1pm SLT

Key West held the keys to the most noted event last weekend in July. Skye Galaxy, who made himself scarce in Second Life in the recent past, gave a guest performance at the marina promenade. The first visitors arrived already hours in advance, knowing that seats would become limited very quickly, and thus occupying a slot of the sim capacity like towels spreading European holidaymakers at the hotel pool. About 20 minutes before the show, the ‘tickets’ were practically sold out. The max capacity of 100 visitors was reached then.…

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