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Skye Galaxy in Concert @Key West, July 29, 1pm SLT

Key West held the keys to the most noted event last weekend in July. Skye Galaxy, who made himself scarce in Second Life in the recent past, gave a guest performance at the marina promenade. The first visitors arrived already hours in advance, knowing that seats would become limited very quickly, and thus occupying a slot of the sim capacity like towels spreading European holidaymakers at the hotel pool. About 20 minutes before the show, the ‘tickets’ were practically sold out. The max capacity of 100 visitors was reached then. Gladly enough, the man of the day still made it to the sim and was right on time sitting at his vitreous piano to start the concert as timely as a German stationmaster. The lag was surprisingly moderate considering the fact that the sim was under maximum load. Less moderate were the “yay”s and “woohoo”s who rose after the first keys on the piano and never fully vanished until the end of the concert. His pointed ears must have been burning repeatedly during the entire show.

It is without a doubt that Skye had arranged a great selection of songs for the event, and he performed them masterly. It really didn’t need much to drive the willing audience to sheer enthusiasm. Though young at age and young at heart, he nevertheless had his generations spread audience clinging to his lips and fingertips. The Justin Bieber of Second Life made the Keys a sought-after place the evening, making even the oldest alligator waggle its tail and wobble its teeth.

In the end there was consensus everywhere that they had attended another magic moment in Second Life, and that Skye Galaxy concerts were all too rarely happening in SL.


Here is a link to a short video clip posted by Basta Brown on Facebook and taken on the occasion of the concert at Key West (SL) on July 29th, 2017:

Skye Galaxy Live @ The Keys SL – Key West & Key Largo. It was a really great show… I managed to capture a clip of it – with Bela, Nime, Swan Min, Jamie ,Liz and company.

Posted by Busta Brown on Samstag, 29. Juli 2017




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