Clubs Hot Live Music Party Reviews 

Felicitous Grand Opening of «Crystal Caye Open Air» and «The Living Room»

Embedded in a beautiful seaside park, the well attended open air concert area of Crystal Caye shone beautifully in the last sun rays when first Pippa Exonar and later AleyKat took the stage, completing a perfect evening. With pride Sazz (sazzinette) and Tersimus (stephenharrington) presented their latest cooperation for the first time. «Crystal Caye Open Air» and «The Living Room» are united in the attempt to provide high class live music to the SL public. Consequently they had two of the best entertainers in SL leading through the program this evening….

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Clubs Hot Party Reviews 

La Vida Loca @Bohannon’s

La vida es un relámpago entre dos largas noches. I was on my way to my beauty sleep when the sweet Bohannon mosquitos Jungle and Sarah invited to sing and dance Mexican style in un campo in the sky. The fiesta was already muy avanzado when I arrived, and the audience was beautifully dressed in customary Doce & Gabardina. What a buen lugar! The vegetation, the broken car, the abandoned hacienda all made me feel stranded in Mexico’s mas loco pueblo instantly. Searching shelter in the shadows of the great wall…

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Clubs German Community | Man spricht Deutsch Party 

Hot Chocolate @ Hot Cherry

Neulich im Second Live, auf der Suche nach interessanten deutschsprachigen Clubs, las ich über eine 60er, 70er, 80er Party im Hot Cherry mit DJane Biene. Ich kannte den Club überhaupt nicht und wusste schon gar nicht, dass es ihn schon rund 6 Jahre gibt. Und das mit Publikum der ersten Stunde sozusagen. Chapeau! Das ist wirklich eine Erwähnung wert. DJ Biene machte einen guten Job und hatte ihr Publikum fest im Griff. Das Hot Cherry glänzt nicht durch imposante Bauten oder ein beeindruckendes Ambiente, aber es ist ein Club mit…

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Clubs Hot Live Music Shopping 

Mavenn live @Bonaventure Square, AUG 23, 2pm SLT

My cultural surf & turf is shopping & listening to live music. And it keeps me fit and slim 🙂 . One of the best occasions to indulge my hobby is listening to Mavenn at the Bonaventure Square and let the eyes wander through the streets and shops. You want to join me in my hobby? Here is when and where: Date & Time: every other Friday, 2pm SLT Dress code: casual Location:

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Culture & Arts 

National History Museum

The summer slump brought me to the National History Museum which is exhibiting two themes currently. The first one is on dinosaurs, the other on steampunk sculptures. The exhibits are spread over 2 floors and the design concept ist to combine real life pictures of vitrines and chambers of the real life National History Museum, with in-world 3D models of the said themes. Art & Science are usually no major attractions in Second Life, and I am therefore glad that they still find their place and lovers. They enrich the…

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Clubs Live Music 

A Pearl of Good Live Music, the Legendary Award Winning «Live Vibrations»

The sun seems to never go down on Sunday evenings over the beautiful landscape of the «Live Vibrations» venue. In style of an ancient greek temple complex, the club is majestically located on a cliff, catching the last sun beams from a seaside sunset. «Live Vibrations» is one of the most renowned venues when it comes to high class live music acts. Allie Sloan, the heart and soul of «Live Vibrations», had all the big names there already, repeatedly, since the venue is not only popular among the visitors but also…

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Clubs Party Reviews 

DJ emma @Feted Inner Concerts Underground

  I really should have shaved for Katya Koval’s Feted Inner Concerts Underground Party. I was expecting great music of course, since I happened to listen to DJ Emma already a few times before, and she had always fabulous then. And I  was aware of the sinister atmosphere of this underground station, but I wasn’t prepared for THAT. Furiously pinching myself to wake up from the dream, it remained reality: all men were dressed and all women were naked – and shy me was even asked by the beautiful Katja…

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Clubs Party 

Good Vibrations @ Club Underground

You don’t know where to go to or where to take your girlfriend to? Then have a look at the Club Underground, to their own testimony the “fun relaxed friendly club/hangout/venue where everyone is welcome”. Seany1235 Blinker (as the owner) and Fluffy Bombastic (the hosting bossy DJane) have created a very unique club in style of a underground station, with a very welcoming and pleasant atmosphere and lots of fun activities. Daily DJs coverage, trivia games, truth & dare, voting boards, it’s a safe recommendation for all who look for a relaxed…

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