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DJ emma @Feted Inner Concerts Underground


I really should have shaved for Katya Koval’s Feted Inner Concerts Underground Party. I was expecting great music of course, since I happened to listen to DJ Emma already a few times before, and she had always fabulous then. And I  was aware of the sinister atmosphere of this underground station, but I wasn’t prepared for THAT. Furiously pinching myself to wake up from the dream, it remained reality: all men were dressed and all women were naked – and shy me was even asked by the beautiful Katja Koval for a dance! Never had I hoped more for some slow ballads. But the blood slowly returned to my left arm, the clock ran merciless and the the party was over all too soon. You’ll find me shaved and showered and combed there, next week, same day, same time. Great fun, Katya! :p


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