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Janice Mills Live Almost Gone Heavy Metal

Janice Mills tossed a short concert in on Wednesday, August 23, celebrating Asmo Noxx’s 1st rezzday. The fun was, this place is usually more in to heavy metal music. Janice worked hard to cover the obvious gap between her music and the locally expected one. And she did it in her usual lovable way. For an entire 30 minutes she changed the notorious head bangers into mild foot tappers. Many came, all stayed till the end. Mission completed, Janice. And good to see you on stage again. Peet and Uli…

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«Hell on Wheels» A Karaoke Place with “Fahrvergnügen”, AUG 29, 10am

L ong time ago I used to drive to university with my HONDA African Twin. A 30km ride with some smooth serpentines on the way. While at this time it was just a way to get to the university, it now in my memory turned into a romantic road trip. When I checked out the «Hello on Wheels» place because of the upcoming karaoke event, I couldn’t resist to rez a motorbike and drive down to the valley. It instantly gave me the good old feeling again. «Hell on Wheels»…

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