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One Shop Has It All: Maternity Dresses and Babies

Admittedly, maternity fashion is not the kind of subject a Second Life magazine expects many readers from, and still, we love bringing marginal products to the attention of our readership. Especially the sign “Buy the Babies HERE” made me want to write about it. While expecting a baby in RL is a constant process of learning to love rising immobility and compromising on the personal expectations on the looks, bravely ignoring acid indigestion, headaches and swollen feet, being pregnant in SL is pure fun time. Each and every shoe still fits…

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Clubs Live Music Reviews 

Happy Sunday Afternoon @ The Frisky Beaver Beach Club

  It always is such a great idea to spend the Sunday afternoon in the warming sun beams of the «Frisky Beaver Beach Club». Some forty visitors joined and swayed to the live show of Lisa Brune, a true gem in the SL live music scene. Sunshine, happy people, great songs and golden sand between the toes, the «Frisky Beaver Beach Club» has it all to make you love your Second Life. You missed it this time? Make sure, you’ll be there next time when Scarlett and Fabio invite the good…

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JM Visions Present Musical Premiere «Kristina fran Duvemala», Sep 22, 12pm SLT

Kristina fran Duvemala A “must see” event in 2 acts «Kristina fran Duvemala» is a musical written by the ABBA musicians Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus, and based on a novel written by Wilhelm Moberg. The story of epic proportions is briefly about a Swedish family, which feels economically forced to immigrate and settle in America in the days of the Gold Rush. Homesickness, the need to blend with a new society, health and family issues keep Kristina torn between both worlds: the romanticized of the past, and the new…

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Precious Design – A Shopping Queen’s Delight

500L$ is what I got from the publisher to spend in a shop for a full outfit. And that’s what I did – at «Precious Design». SL Marketplace may be efficient, but in-world shopping is LUST! 🙂 I in particular love it, when shops are nicely decorated and are not too small so that maneuvering between the aisles and shelves is difficult, and not too large ruining the mood with a train station hall atmosphere. For me personally, «Precious Design» is just the right size for me. An what’s more,…

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Clubs Live Music Party Reviews 

Charlie’s Angels | About the Most Hugged Woman at Bohannon’s

We followed Bohannon’s party rally for five consecutive day, and in all the time we saved one big compliment for one awesome woman there. Charlie Namiboo is without exaggaration the epic center of the club. No one is more vivid and bubbly and yet charming and friendly to every guest in the club. And her endurance is sheer legendary. No wonder that so many people came when she called out for the Saturday party including a phenomenal Nonah Reeves debut pop concert, that she performed live on Bohannon’s stage. White was the…

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Charity Event Comedy 

Comedy: The Vicki Joke Show @ MINIMALISTIC COMEDY LOUNGE, Sep 9, 10am SLT (Feed A Smile Charity Event)

FEED A SMILE CHARITY EVENT The Vicki joke show hits the Comedy Lounge today at 10.00 AM SLT! As usual featuring jokes that will make your ears bleed … or let’s just call it a series of jokes and small acts of a rather bawdy and (sometimes very) naughty nature. It’s definitely NOT PG material! Sedatives and earplugs will be available, as usual, too. Date & Time: September 9, 10am SLT Dress Code: smart casual Location:  

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The Party Goes On – Bohannon’s 5th Anniversary Party Week Sep 5-11

Don’t Expect The Tooth Fairy To Be At Bohannon’s 5th Anniversary Party Week. Time flies, six times faster in SL than in RL. And that’s how it feels when it comes to Bohannon’s Soul & Funk Club. It feels like it has always been there, from the beginning of SL, and yet, it has only been 5 years. Still far above the average of the life span of ordinary clubs in SL, and even more impressive: no downswing of popularity in sight at all in these 5 years, the owner…

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Charity Event 

PAUL (KINDHARTDMAN) live @ Minimalistic Comedy Lounge, Sep 9, 9am SLT (Feed A Smile Charity Event)

FEED A SMILE CHARITY EVENT PAUL (KINDHARTDMAN) live @ Minimalistic Comedy Lounge Paul is a new to SL artist, slowly learning the ropes to performing in SL. He is a country boy at heart who loves singing a mix of Country, 50’s and light rock. And WOW can this man sing! Country, 50’s, Blues, there is no doubt you will hear lots to delight your senses! Date & Time: September 9, 9am SLT Dress Code: smart casual Location:    

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Branagh’s Park Prepared For Concert On Sep 8, 12pm SLT

Lorelai and Eachan are reportedly back from vacation and working hard on the park to get it ready again for Friday, September 8th, to continue with their series of concerts. If everything goes according to plan, they will have gained the space back from the pests and weeds early enough to let the Branagh’s Park shine with its former splendour. Music wise it will definitely sparkle again with having Dreama Summerwind, Pippa Exonar, Nonah Reeves and AleyKat in a row from 12pm till 4pm. Date & Time: Friday, September 8th, 12pm…

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Fantastic Show: Morgenstern’s «Schiller» @Stuttgart Marienplatz

Was für eine atemberaubende Show!! Am Samstagabend strömten Massen auf den Stuttgarter Marienplatz in freudiger Erwartung auf Morgenstern’s magisch inszeniertes «Schiller»-Konzert. Von DJane Tinni Boucher perfekt eingeheizt, war die Stimmung von Anfang an fantastisch und das Lichtspektakel atemberaubend, in einer wunderschön in Szene gesetzten Bühne. Über eine Stunde lang hielt das Konzert alles was sich Schiller-Fans und sonstige Konzert- und Musikfans wünschen konnten. Würden wir Sterne oder Mützen vergeben für diese Show, dann bekäme sie nicht nur alle Sterne und Mützen, sondern noch meine Schuhe, mein Hemd und meine Socken….

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