Live Music Reviews 

Sweet 2 Hours Concert of SL Darling Nonah Reeves

Visitors of the Branagh’s Romantic Garden experienced the pleasure of an unexpectedly extra long Nonah concert on Friday evening. Nonah, who had been busy with RL concerts in the last view weeks, was surprisingly cheerful and chatty, and presented a great set of familiar and rare songs in 3 different languages, very much to the taste of the relaxed audience. Second Life has quite some talents of different kinds to offer, but definitely a rare gem amongst them is the lovely Nonah Reeves, who made the evening at Branagh’s Park…

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Culture & Arts 

Open Mic Poetry Slam, Sep 30, 1pm SLT @ Raven’s Serenity Cove

Why don’t you dare something new in Second Life? – We all are much too much bound to our habits sometimes. And we risk to miss new, exciting and inspiring experiences therefore. Luckily, in SL it costs next to nothing to break with well-worn paths and open up for new and variegated facets of life. RAVEN CEDARBRIDGE – OPEN MIC SATURDAY 1pm – 2pm slt Facilitated by -Sabre (Sabreman Carter) Where: Raven’s Serenity Cove Date & Time: September 30, 1pm – 2pm slt Poetry ~ “OPEN THEME” ATTIRE ~ come as…

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Charity Event Fashion & Style Shopping 

Exclusives Fashion Show at «Rock Your Rack», Oct 1, 10am SLT

Rock Your Rack 2017 features 58 designers with amazing exclusives available for purchase. This fashion show will feature 24 of the exclusive designs as the team from Models Giving Back raises Funds For the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Dress Code: classy casual Location: Rock Your Rack 2017 beheimatet 58 Designer mit zauberhaften Exklusivprodukten zum Kauf. Diese Modeshow wird 24 dieser exklusiven Designs im Rahmen der Wohltätigkeitsveranstaltung “Models Giving Back raises Funds For the National Breast Cancer Foundation” zur Verfügung stellen. Internet: Bekleidungsempfehlung: classy casual Veranstaltungsort:  

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Excursion to the «Club CATCH22, the friendliest Club in whole SL»

They call themselves “the friendliest club in SL”. It was time, therefore, to find out. Friendliness is one of the qualities, we can’t have enough of in Second Life, not to mention the first life. And it makes the person or the club likable, if they make friendliness to their maxim. Catch22 is a barn style dance bar in the region of Sensual Fun, a New England type of landscape and flora. It is beautifully located between lakes and ferns and tree assemblies, which gives it an all so romantic…

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Culture & Arts Reviews Shows 

Fascination Music Theatre – JM Visions Push the Boundaries of Second Life, ACT 1, Sep 30 12pm SLT

When Applause Just Isn’t Enough One should be careful with superlatives in Second Life, but the staging of the musical «Kristina Fran Duvemala» is by far … by far … the best I have ever seen in Second Life. And it is not just the scenery or the animations. This is an all in total perfect production in a quality which I personally never have thought was possible in SL. At the beginning the visitors sit in an old barn, wondering whether this can be the right place for a…

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Fashion & Style Shopping 

One Shop Has It All: Maternity Dresses and Babies

Admittedly, maternity fashion is not the kind of subject a Second Life magazine expects many readers from, and still, we love bringing marginal products to the attention of our readership. Especially the sign “Buy the Babies HERE” made me want to write about it. While expecting a baby in RL is a constant process of learning to love rising immobility and compromising on the personal expectations on the looks, bravely ignoring acid indigestion, headaches and swollen feet, being pregnant in SL is pure fun time. Each and every shoe still fits…

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Clubs Live Music Reviews 

Happy Sunday Afternoon @ The Frisky Beaver Beach Club

  It always is such a great idea to spend the Sunday afternoon in the warming sun beams of the «Frisky Beaver Beach Club». Some forty visitors joined and swayed to the live show of Lisa Brune, a true gem in the SL live music scene. Sunshine, happy people, great songs and golden sand between the toes, the «Frisky Beaver Beach Club» has it all to make you love your Second Life. You missed it this time? Make sure, you’ll be there next time when Scarlett and Fabio invite the good…

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Fashion & Style Shopping 

Precious Design – A Shopping Queen’s Delight

500L$ is what I got from the publisher to spend in a shop for a full outfit. And that’s what I did – at «Precious Design». SL Marketplace may be efficient, but in-world shopping is LUST! 🙂 I in particular love it, when shops are nicely decorated and are not too small so that maneuvering between the aisles and shelves is difficult, and not too large ruining the mood with a train station hall atmosphere. For me personally, «Precious Design» is just the right size for me. An what’s more,…

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Clubs Live Music Party Reviews 

Charlie’s Angels | About the Most Hugged Woman at Bohannon’s

We followed Bohannon’s party rally for five consecutive day, and in all the time we saved one big compliment for one awesome woman there. Charlie Namiboo is without exaggaration the epic center of the club. No one is more vivid and bubbly and yet charming and friendly to every guest in the club. And her endurance is sheer legendary. No wonder that so many people came when she called out for the Saturday party including a phenomenal Nonah Reeves debut pop concert, that she performed live on Bohannon’s stage. White was the…

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Charity Event Comedy 

Comedy: The Vicki Joke Show @ MINIMALISTIC COMEDY LOUNGE, Sep 9, 10am SLT (Feed A Smile Charity Event)

FEED A SMILE CHARITY EVENT The Vicki joke show hits the Comedy Lounge today at 10.00 AM SLT! As usual featuring jokes that will make your ears bleed … or let’s just call it a series of jokes and small acts of a rather bawdy and (sometimes very) naughty nature. It’s definitely NOT PG material! Sedatives and earplugs will be available, as usual, too. Date & Time: September 9, 10am SLT Dress Code: smart casual Location:  

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