Excursion to the «Club CATCH22, the friendliest Club in whole SL»

They call themselves “the friendliest club in SL”. It was time, therefore, to find out. Friendliness is one of the qualities, we can’t have enough of in Second Life, not to mention the first life. And it makes the person or the club likable, if they make friendliness to their maxim.

Catch22 is a barn style dance bar in the region of Sensual Fun, a New England type of landscape and flora. It is beautifully located between lakes and ferns and tree assemblies, which gives it an all so romantic and peaceful ambience. If the club wasn’t there, you could very well picture yourself there with a fishing rod and a survival tent, inhaling the quietness and peacefulness of the moment, till the native brown bear chases you up the tree.

Gladly enough the music from the club keeps the bears at a distance, so that you cannot only enjoy yourself and dance the night away in the club, with all their all so pleasant DJs, but get caught by the moment and struck by romance sitting with your partner or friend in a cosy natural place all around the club.

Difficult to tell, whether Club22 is the friendliest club in SL. But it is for sure well worth to pay a visit frequently and enjoy friendly people, good music and an all in total great evening.

Dress Code: casual


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