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Nonah Reeves on Fire @ Bohannon’s «Hell-o-ween» Party, Nov 4, 3pm SLT

To tell SL frequent visitors about Nonah Reeves is proverbially bringing owls to Athens, which on the other hand and with regard to Bohannon’s event on Friday and Saturday isn’t a bad idea, if you carry marshmallows a stick and salt and pepper with you. “Hell-o-ween” is the name of the location, and there is no doubt what it resembles. The good thing is, we don’t expect any rain, and there is no need for a jacket or pullover even for the most shivering amongst you. Nonah Reeves has become…

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Doors Swing Open at Deva Westland’s «Galerie des Beaux-Arts»

English | Deutsch Grand Opening of the Galerie des Beaux-Arts There is certainly no need to name the most frequented topics and activities in SL for you to imagine that in times of steady closings of clubs and venues, opening an art gallery is a risk. The risk lies not so much in a possible financial loss, but in the personal disillusionment of the exhibitor when people are not interested in arts in general or in particular in what for the artist is a window to his or her soul.…

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Branagh’s Same Procedure as Every Year

There are just a few standards in SL and these are the Christmas and New Years Parties, the Happy Eastern Event and Halloween. Taking all the then displayed pumpkins together, we’ll have enough soup for the Second and any Third Life that Linden Labs might consider. Every year one of the big question arising is: which party do I attend on Halloween. Mine fell on Branagh’s Jazz Club this time, like it does every year. Having my dear friend Nonah Reeves singing there, during witching hour, makes me believe it’s…

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A Scary Night in the Branagh’s Park, Oct 27 12pm SLT

This weekend is Halloween weekend in SL, parties all over the grid, scary ones and rather funny ones. One of the traditionally tasteful ones is the Halloween party at Branagh’s. Not at all spooky is the line up, which is one of the best you can get in SL. Dreama Summerwind is the first singer to open the evening. Nonah Reeves and Pippa Exonar will follow, before AleyKat will finish the evening, just around witching hour in Europe. Date & Time: Friday, Oct 27, 12pm – 4pm SLT Dress Code:…

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Paparazzi Offering Pre-Release Exhibit Pictures of «Galerie des Beaux-Arts» to Media. Management Dismisses That Those Fotos Exist.

English | Deutsch October 29th is the Grand Opening day of the «Galerie des Beaux-Arts» in Parunville, Parallel Universe. Until then the exhibits are a well kept secret of the owner. During the last week though, suspicious people equipped with cameras had been seen more often all around the area of Deva Westland’s Palace of Arts. Now, anonymous sources seem to offer illegal snapshots of the pictures to various media, but the management of the Galerie denies that these kind of photos do exist. It seems definitely time for a…

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Art Gallery Grand Opening, Sun OCT 29th 12pm SLT

Come to Parunville City and celebrate the Grand Opening of Deva Westland’s «Galerie des Beaux-Arts» with lovers of great art and party people. Deva, until now, was more known for her great pictures and drawings on Facebook and not so much in SL. However, this is going to change with effect of Sunday, October 25. The city welcomes a talented and inspiring artist and very nice person. The Grand Opening is supported by an attractive entertaining program: 12pm the reception at the gallery is support by a music set of DJ…

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Privately Visiting Nonah Reeves

  I had the honor to be invited to one of the most hidden spots in SL, the place where Nonah Reeves enjoys to be on her own and relax in her garden or at her beach. It revealed a sweet secret: SLs celebrated sweetheart turns into a country girl before and after her glamorous shows. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures from the inside although I can assure you, that there wasn’t a single compromising picture or drawing anywhere there, even the bed could only be classified [M] at…

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The Longing and Suffering of “Kristina Fran Duvemala” – A Musical in 2 Acts Performed By JM Visions

There we had it, as monumental as the first part, the 2nd act of the musical «Kristina Fran Duvemala», based on a novel by Wilhelm Moberg and composed by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus, the creative parts of the former ABBA group. It is about a month when the first act appeared on a SL stage the first time. JM Visions once again stunned their audience with a spectacular show, technically as well as content-related. The first act of the musical appealed to an audience inside and outside Second Life already. In…

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“Kristina Fran Duvemala” Act 2, SAT Oct 21, 12pm SLT

It’s a classic: the villain raises the knife, the woman cries … and there we are right at the commercial break. No singing fat lady can represent the end of an opera more precisely than the threat to life does for commercial breaks. For some 5 minutes we’re lost in the middle of nowhere, fighting with our anger, fear and emotions, until the story is picked up again, or we found comfort otherwise in a tasty chocolate bar, a freezing cold beer or a car insurance.  That’s what happened to…

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Halloween Party @ Rhiva The Club

Friday evening was the day to pay the renovated «Rhiva The Club» a visit. And ‘renovated’ wasn’t the right word either on this evening. While the club usually welcomes its guest in a rather stylish ambience, the whole design of the club magically turned into a bewitched wilderness right after midnight. Meany trees, great halloween outfits and a Dustin Wakefield Band dressed in some spooky wardrobe playing some gloomy songs was all that was needed to make visitors enjoy the shiver. It was the pilot run of the new location,…

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