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Privately Visiting Nonah Reeves

  I had the honor to be invited to one of the most hidden spots in SL, the place where Nonah Reeves enjoys to be on her own and relax in her garden or at her beach. It revealed a sweet secret: SLs celebrated sweetheart turns into a country girl before and after her glamorous shows. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures from the inside although I can assure you, that there wasn’t a single compromising picture or drawing anywhere there, even the bed could only be classified [M] at…

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The Longing and Suffering of “Kristina Fran Duvemala” – A Musical in 2 Acts Performed By JM Visions

There we had it, as monumental as the first part, the 2nd act of the musical «Kristina Fran Duvemala», based on a novel by Wilhelm Moberg and composed by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus, the creative parts of the former ABBA group. It is about a month when the first act appeared on a SL stage the first time. JM Visions once again stunned their audience with a spectacular show, technically as well as content-related. The first act of the musical appealed to an audience inside and outside Second Life already. In…

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