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Privately Visiting Nonah Reeves


I had the honor to be invited to one of the most hidden spots in SL, the place where Nonah Reeves enjoys to be on her own and relax in her garden or at her beach. It revealed a sweet secret: SLs celebrated sweetheart turns into a country girl before and after her glamorous shows. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures from the inside although I can assure you, that there wasn’t a single compromising picture or drawing anywhere there, even the bed could only be classified [M] at the max, if you know what I mean.

But privacy really matters to her. And privacy can be found widely around her property. The area is separated from the rest of the world by a huge and bewildered forest, with runlets and remote clearings, ground mist and heavy rains. Even the deers look concerned to see people to finally make it to her cottage. Surrounded by grazing sheeps and her horse, Nonah welcomed me in her known friendly manner. While the meadows are rather green all around her place, she herself calls a neat colorful garden her own. It is there where we sat a while and talked about her new projects in SL and in RL. I still wonder why a talented and reputated singer in RL takes the challenge to sing in SL. But that’s how she is.

We talked about her life in SL, her biggest disappointments and those sweet memories we all have in SL. And for a lucky moment, I had nothing more and nothing less than an enchanting woman putting her spell on me. I learned from my experience with my Bento head, that many things are possible, but no gadget can invoke the picture of dimples on a lovely face like Nonah does, when she finally comes out of her shell. She asked me for my opinion about a new song she was trying, and gave me a glimpse of it. My opinion was, she looked wonderful, she smelled wonderful, she had the nicest dimples one can imagine and she moves like a fairy. What can I say …

I invited her for the evening, and fortunately for me, a good friend gave me a hint where to go to that night. It revealed to be a Dreama Summerwind concert, where we danced the night away and ended up dancing alone for a long, long time. Until SL reminded midst our togetherness, and close before we parted, that I can finally be seen by all people.



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