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Memorial Concert for Zarah Dawn @ The Fillmore

It was one of these Sundays, that pass so unspectacularly, and I was prepared to spend my evening watching the Seahawks, when a small notice changed all my plans for the evening. The Fillmore announced „N EVENING OF MUSIC TO REMEMBER OUR FRIEND ZARAH DAWN“. I still had some time before the kick off, and I was curious … The first good news for you is, there is a long list of fine artists tonight: 4:00pm MAXIMILLION KLEENE 4:30pm GANJO MOKEEV 5:00pm LUVOFMUSIC 5:30pm HOGAN BAILY 6:00pm GRIFF BAMAISIN 6:30pm…

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«Rooftop Lounge» Moved to New Location

English | Deutsch There was a truly chilling place in SL, high above a city skyline, with illustrious guests and a well sorted bar. Just the kind of lounge you’d fancy to round the day off. Nonah Reeves used to rehearse there a couple of times, and Edmond Garibaldi had his famous standup comedian show there. Since spring 2017 this popular drop-in center was closed. All the more we were glad to learn only recently that it has stealthily been re-opened in November, though situated in a different location. Visitors can…

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Fantastic Line Up @ Frisky Beaver Beach Club, Nov 5, Starting at 10am

Never take good entertainment for granted in SL, but at the Frisky Beaver Beach Club you can. She always puts a smile on the face of the people who listen to Lisa Brune. There’s hardly any better way to start a beach party than with a live concert of lovely Lisa. It is just the right medication we need on a dull and misty Sunday afternoon in RL. Just blind the windows when you rip off your clothes to get that beach party feeling at home. Lisa will get the…

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