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Memorial Concert for Zarah Dawn @ The Fillmore

It was one of these Sundays, that pass so unspectacularly, and I was prepared to spend my evening watching the Seahawks, when a small notice changed all my plans for the evening. The Fillmore announced „N EVENING OF MUSIC TO REMEMBER OUR FRIEND ZARAH DAWN“. I still had some time before the kick off, and I was curious …

The first good news for you is, there is a long list of fine artists tonight:

  • 4:30pm GANJO MOKEEV
  • 5:00pm LUVOFMUSIC
  • 5:30pm HOGAN BAILY
  • 7:00pm JIMMYT49 DUKES
  • 7:30pm COLLIN MARTIN
  • 8:00pm NOMA FALTA

the bad news is, as you may have concluded already, it is a memorial concert for Zarah Dawn. And that means, Zarah will no longer be amongst us. I checked out the place, and I met people who were heavily busy putting the decoration up before the show, and were truly grieving. It made me think, don’t ask me why really, that I may have missed a truly nice person in SL: Zarah Dawn.

I asked one of the people there if they could tell me a little bit about Zarah, and all I learned is, that Zarah must have been a highly esteemed personality, for more than 13 years active in SL and loved by the venue owner, guests and artists. All artists tonight play for the honor of Zarah. And the list is impressively long. So instead of enjoying the evening in front of the tv, I spend my evening thinking about Zarah, … that I have never met her, and never will … that it is strange how much SL is interwoven with RL when it comes to true human emotions, and that SL had made Zarah span her wings more globally thanks to SL than what she could have achieved in RL alone. In fact, with her very last moment, or more even the moment after it, she has reached me, in someway regretting that I hadn’t met her before, and sincerely hoping that she’s at a better place, enjoying the love and appreciation she deserves.

Tonight the concert will put Zarah once again into the hearts of those who knew her. And perhaps she’s gonna stay there longer than she stayed in SL even.

I wish everyone who joins the Fillmore concert tonight, a wonderful day, peaceful memories and support form all of those who feel the same.

No matter whether you knew Zarah or not, if you have the time, consider to honor  an as it seems lovable person with stopping by, and if it is only for a few minutes.

I doubt Zarah will have access to the internet and SL from where she is, but she may have access to the feelings that are brought towards her tonight. I hope she does, it would do her overwhelmingly good for sure.


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