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Conspiratorial Happy Birthday Meeting @ Deserted Country Side Hotel and Gas Station

Friends of the publicity-shy DJane “emma”, who spins regularly for example at the popular F.I.C. Underground Club, relocated her surprise birthday party this time to an abandoned place, where even rabbits and coyotes only pass by quickly.

This may have pleased ’emma’, but made an overnight stay in the close by decrepit hotel necessary. But all that didn’t stop her friends to pop by to celebrate the birthday child, who was entirely taken by surprise, clearly documented by her evening gown she was wearing at the dusty roadside.

Spontaneous parties often have their own charm, and this one definitely had it. It was fun and celebrated a person, who definitely deserved it.

Happy Birthday, ’emma’.


You want DJ emma play in your club but don’t know how to contact her?  Give Katya Koval a call in SL or on FB. She can arrange the contact.


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