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The Gala 2018 Celebrates the People’s Vote Award Winners

English | Deutsch The People’s Vote Award Gala 2018 was the final event of a poll «The Teleporter» took in autumn. 13,647 votes on 421 nominees in 7 categories had been evaluated to praise the winners in the last week in December. The voters had been asked on their opinion about Best Female DJ 2018 Best Male DJ 2018 Best Video Creation Team 2018 Best Female Live Singer 2018 Best Male Live Singer 2018 Best Dance Show 2018 Best Dance Club 2018 And final results are: The Gala Show took place at…

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Coming Home For Christmas – Nonah Reeves @ Club Apotheosis

English | Deutsch There is only one Nonah Reeves Christmas concert this year. And this was the one! With an ever so sweet and chilled show a week before Christmas, Nonah Reeves returned to one of her favorite clubs in Second Life. The adult rated district of the sim turned mellow with her strike up of love songs and Christmas evergreens. Seeing and hearing her acting on the stage with this marvelous voice and talent reminded us that she performs much too seldom in SL lately. The Club Apotheosis once…

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Hours Of Glory at the Pandora’s Box Prison’s Amazing Show Event

English | Deutsch The invitation was as long as the Magna Carta, and it came as late as Santa Claus in a house with district heat connection. But it was in all respect a magical evening, worth to remember. More than three hours of unmatched quality of entertainment has catapulted Pandora’s Box Prison Club into the illustrious circle of legendary entertainment venues. November 14 in 2018 is, was and will ever be the moment, when Mila Reeves stepped out of the oversized shadows of her mother, and dazzled the audience with…

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Oktoberfest @ Bohannon’s

Deutsch | English Eines der schönsten Oktoberfeste jedes Jahr findet traditionell im Bohannon’s Soul & Funk Club statt. Auf einer von Fris Frislander liebevoll gestalteten und eigens für den Event erschaffenen Sim kommt selbst für Zugereiste schnell das bayerische Hochgefühl auf. Inmitten von Lederhosen, Dirndln, Brezeln und Maßkrügen lässt es sich deftig feiern. Und auch das oans, zwoa, gsuffa fehlt natürlich nicht. Aufgrund der großen Fangemeinde, die der Bohannon Soul & Funk Club mittlerweile hat, reicht das Oktoberfest selbst bis nach Brasilien und sorgt für eine immer wohl gefüllte Tanzfläche. Datum…

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Opernball Second Life 2018 – The Movie

  Deutsch | English Ein meisterhaftes Werk wurde am Freitag den 21. September 2018 einer großen Öffentlichkeit in Second Life vorgestellt. Der “Opernball Second Life” ist ein monumentaler Film mit mehr als 80 Schauspielern und Komparsen, der eine emotionale Reise zu und eine ergreifende Begegnung mit dem Opernball im Stil des Wiener Originals zum Thema hat. In monatelanger akribischer Arbeit und in großer Disziplin wurde dieses technisch anspruchsvolle wundervoll kreative  Projekt umgesetzt. Die Uraufführung fand zeitgleich im Opernhaus vor geladenen Gästen und in einer zweiten Location als Public Viewing statt.…

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Inspired! – The New Exhibition @ Deva Westland’s Galerie Des Beaux-Arts

English | Deutsch They all found laudatory words this evening, the visitors of Deva Westland’s Galerie Des Beaux-Arts. It is nothing short of phenomenal what Deva has put in place over the year. Every 3 months she awes, stuns, and amuses us with her great selection of artworks from artists all around the grid, and this selection can truly be called a highlight of the year. The motto of this exhibition was “Inspired!”. Artists were asked to send a piece of artwork to be shown, and to include a written explanation of…

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Inspired! – The New Exhibition at «Gallery des Beaux-Arts», Grand Opening, Sept 8, 11am SLT

English | Deutsch Deva Westland once again succeeded to convince artists from allover the grid to present some of their best artworks at the autumn exhibition of the «Gallery Des Beaux-Arts». Artists like: Gidgy Adagio Dylan Ansaldo Leonorah Beverly Jason Canucci Razor Cure Combos Galicia SeleneLily Galicia Romolus Greymoon AmandaSue Hallison Kiana Jarman Jaz Broderick Logan Ena Roane Rya Santana Skip Staheli Pete Sunny Cate Vogel Clive Yardley   The exhibition runs under the title “Inspired!” and so will be the visitors, guaranteed, when they get to explore the exhibiting…

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]E[ like ‘Endurance’ – the Most Prestigious Event Location of the Weekend

English | Deutsch “A new club opening?” – “Been there, … done that” you might say. Far wrong! Have you ever taken a space shuttle to get to a club? James Bond like you will be launched from an airfield into the sky, drifting through outer space, before a soft landing ends your journey at your port of call. This travel is as spectacular as can be, but so is the entire location you’re gonna explore. Various platforms on different levels give you a unique view over the facility. And…

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Ein tapferes Mädchen ist tot

Deutsch | English Mit großer Bestürzung habe ich erfahren, das Candy Morgan am Wochenende verstorben ist. Wenn ich eine Person benennen müsste, für die ein Ort wie Second Life geschaffen wurde, dann ist es Candy. Am Ende sind es immer RL Personen, die den Avataren in SL Seele und Charakter geben. Für Candy war Second Life ihre Wunderwelt, da sie dort viele Dinge tun konnte, die ihr im realen Leben verwehrt blieben, solche banalen Dinge wie Schuhe tragen oder Tanzen gehen. Wir hadern oft mit unserem Schicksal und verlieren dabei…

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Get the True Disco Feeling of the 70ies @ Studio 69

English | Deutsch Strikingly patterned shirts, heavy golden necklaces and bell-bottoms is what we have in mind, when we think about the 1970ies. No matter how old you are, the songs of the BeeGees, Abba and others from this golden age of pop music are still today known to young and old. With no computers or smart phones, no internet and iTunes, YouTube and others, the discotheques were the places to be for music and for socializing. Wednesdays and Fridays till Sundays a whole generation became regular pilgrims to the…

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