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The Story About The Man Who Vacuum-Cleaned His Living Room For A Woman

We men have gone a long way since we¬†eradicated the mammoth in the golden days of “scratch yourself wherever you like”. It once was a man’s world, though we had no cars then. But since Diner caves had no windows, there was no need for it anyway. Instead we still could impress the girls with the good old fire trick. “Do you have a light” derives from that and is until today a classic female pick up line. Since then we lost more and more control over the process. While…

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DJungle On Air Again @ Bohannon

English | Deutsch Some people have really looked forward to it. DJane DJungle was finally back on air at the Bohannon’s Funk & Soul Club. It had become an all too rare event in the second half of 2017. What Rod Stewart is to the male voice in RL, is DJungle to the female voices in SL. A unique sensual voice that could even make the announcement of a fire drill sound like the main act of a burlesque show. I for myself spent an enjoyable evening at this international…

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