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The Story About The Man Who Vacuum-Cleaned His Living Room For A Woman

We men have gone a long way since we eradicated the mammoth in the golden days of “scratch yourself wherever you like”. It once was a man’s world, though we had no cars then. But since Diner caves had no windows, there was no need for it anyway. Instead we still could impress the girls with the good old fire trick. “Do you have a light” derives from that and is until today a classic female pick up line.

Since then we lost more and more control over the process. While the first fashion  trend was very depending on the body mass index of the killed animal, women took it out of our hands more and more, first with knitting, lateron with our credit cards.

The smaller the hunting grounds became, the more it became a man’s duty to keep the grass turf low. Our natural habitat  shrank to a 20 meter cable drum length if ever.

The bbq smoker is as close as we can get to the wild animal nowadays.

It’s sad to say, but we have come to the point where things seem to have become reversed. All this came to my mind when I visited my friend Tersimus Harrington, knowingly he has the best assorted whiskey bar in whole SL. I found him hanging his head low with a vacuum cleaner in his hand. Would this have been his mother-in-law instead, a cocky “ah, you’re flying electric now” would certainly have cheered him up, but even a light-hearted “carpets don’t need to be mowed, Tersi” didn’t put a smile on his face. “That’s a carpet shampooing machine, Noel”, he said without looking up. “All needs to be perfect for her tonight.” – Poor Tersimus, I thought. “So you’re trying it first on the carpet before you try it on your mother-in-law’s wig?”, I asked. “Don’t be silly”, he answered. “It’s for the Dreama concert tonight. She’ll be here at 12pm, singing for us live.”

And that’s when I noticed that it is on us now to keep the cave tidy and neat when we get female visit. No surprise therefore, that the whole place shone like a 40-tonner in the rearview mirror of an all too slow two-seater at a motorway junction, when Dreama finally took the stage at «The Living Room». And no surprise even more, that she put us all under her spell for an hour with her enchanting voice and her beautiful range of songs. Just for the occasion she had a whole bunch of new songs in her potpourri of music genres, and she sang it with such devotion and emotion that nobody could escape the magic power of the moment.

I got really worried when Tersimus declared to me I’d better watch him at the end of the show, and when he walked majestically towards the stage stopping close in front of Dreamas knees. Fortunately my concerns were unfounded. All he had planned was to hand over a beautiful flower bouquet to her, quite in the tradition of the procedures at the end of RL concerts. I drowned my non-existing sorrows in some good single-malt whiskeys, on the house of course, and in the aftermath of the show. It happened that I found myself seated next to Dreama, who was eagerly cupping her Appletini with her hands. Fair enough, I thought. Keeps her away from my finest Whiskey. And to keep her occupied I asked her a lot of questions in order to distract her from the bottle, which Tersimus had placed next to my glass coaster.  Originally I had just planned to protect my whiskey sources this way, but with each further answer it revealed that Dreama is not only a great singer but also a fine Lady. Gladly enough she wasn’t into Whiskey. I would have given it to her on this evening and even if it had been the last bottle.

Very well done, Dreama. I enjoyed a great show!

And what can I say. When I left the building, and I was one of the last three, Tersimus was, once again, vacuum-cleaning the living room …

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