Clubs Dining 

Welcome at the Bar

Fed up of being the loneliest soul on an empty sim? Hunting live music shows all over the grid to feel involved? Cool down, get your nicest outfit and join us at the Branagh’s Jazz Club Bar. What originally just was an attempt to grab a hold in a busy place during a stunning live concert, became the highlight of the evening in the end. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make a moment enjoyable. On the picture you see NoelCeeAr Resident listening to Eachan Branagh while Lorelai Bonetto eyes…

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Rumours & Stars 

Aurora Metaluna Back on Stage in SL

There she is again! Some thousands Facebook followers, perhaps in SL followers too, will sigh in relief. Aurora has announced her comeback for January 28. The SL cutie will take the stage at 1pm SLT. Just follow the noise level … ­čÖé Welcome back, Aurora! Da ist also wieder! Ein paar tausend Followers auf Facebook, dabei vielleicht sogar auch Followers in SL, werden befreit aufatmen. Aurora hat ihr Comeback in SL f├╝r den 28. Januar angek├╝ndigt. Die SL-H├╝bsche wird um 22 Uhr die B├╝hne erklimmen. Folgt einfach dem Ger├Ąuschpegel ……

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