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And Nominated is … The «Frisky Beaver» Beach Club

I remember, some years ago, there was an award in SL “The Best Avatar Award”, a kind of an Oscar for people and places in SL. I remember it well, because I spent a five-digit amount for some seats and a corner place, only to realize on the day of the big event, that I wasn’t listed on the sim, which stranded my avatar disillusioned at some dive-bar, while the lighting technician and his spouse will have occupied my seats without permission most probably. There was a discussion about almost…

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Short Comedy Scenes in Open Mic Reading @WBH Brodmann’s Brain

Cold Shot Play Readers will read, in OPEN MIC, Short Comedy Scenes, 10-minute One Act Plays, and play excerpts provided by your host. No expertise required. No rehearsal, just cold reading for each other. Lots of fun. This is your chance to hear a favorite or your own original scene read out loud. Today and every 2nd and 4th Saturday at 11am SLT. Date & Time: Saturday, April 28th, 11am SLT Location:  

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Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament @Shadow Lands, Apr 27, 7pm SLT

Poker Time! At Shadow Lands. – One of the most favorite games in Second Life is Poker in the version of Texas Hold’em. The fun is almost guaranteed, and the rules and operation in SL are easy and straight forward. For all lovers of this game, and for those, who are looking for some entertaining hours the poker tournament at Shadow Lands is certainly an alternative to consider. There isn’t much to win really, but you will enjoy it for sure. Date & Time: April 27, 2018, 7pm SLT Location:…

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Rumours & Stars 

Fresh From Facebook Challenge: Nonah Reeves ~ The Book of Love

  Nonah Reeves exclusively for Noel’s Facebook challenge This is a good example of the little things in life that mean so much to us. I was in need of a love song for a challenge I was nominated for: 5 days, 5 love songs. And I fell in love with a song I heard from Nonah Reeves when she rehearsed it at the Rhiva: The Book of Love. It was the first time she sang it, and it was the first time I heard it in this cute arrangement.…

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Full House at JM Visions «Lifetime Melodies 2018» Musical

English | Deutsch Cathy’s and Christopher’s story take 2 gave a full house and ended in a thundering applause on Saturday evening at the new JM Visions Theatre. The remake of the in 2016 for the first time staged musical «Lifetime Melodies» thrilled the audience with a two hours lasting act of amazing animations, beautiful stage sets, carefully selected songs and a successful story line. It is quite courageous to return to the stage with an old story, wrapped up in a face lift of sceneries and adapted screen play.…

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German Community | Man spricht Deutsch Live Music 

Verpasst!! – Janice Mills live @EVATEK

Deutsch Ich nehme den Requester “… Sie können keinen Freund hinzuladen, denn die Sim ist voll …” immer als Hommage an den Ort und Künstler. Und ich freue mich für beide über den verdienten Zuspruch. So war es denn auch gestern wieder einmal eine Schar Auserwählter, die in den Genuss eines äußerst gefühlvoll vorgetragenen und schönen Janice Mills Konzert kamen. EVATEK ist eigentlich eher durch eine Gemütslage bekannt, die erst mit Shades of Grey gesellschaftlich hoffähig geworden ist, und bei der “Liebe” weniger ins Herz als vielmehr auf den Leib…

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Living and Shopping at the Copacabana

English | Deutsch There’s always a shopping season in Second Life. But spring in RL set me in the mood for it. My today’s port of call was the Copacabana Beach. There is hardly a more famous place to be found when thinking about sunshine, beach and bikinis. The Copacabana SL-style consists of a beach bow with a few seating possbilities, the inevitable “Cristo Redentor” statue at the far end and a public square with shops, residential flats, flower patches and a church at the center of the location. For…

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Have Your Sabatical at “Lost Lagoon”

English | Deutsch It’s great that Second Life offers the opportunity to become lost voluntarily. The “Lost Lagoon” is the ideal surrounding for it. The South Sea style sim bears nature pure with wonderful places on its 65,000sqm. No matter whether you just come for a look, or for a good place to have a talk with your friends, or just want to relax and enjoy the scenery off-side the usual paths in Second Life, the “Lost Lagoon” offers it all.   location: Wie schön, dass Second Life uns die Gelegenheit…

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Clubs German Community | Man spricht Deutsch Party Reviews 

DJ Myrrdin – “Vorhang Auf!” @ Rhiva The Club

Da hat es der Altmeister doch einmal wieder geschafft, erstens, in den Rhiva The Club zu kommen und zweitens, sein Publikum für den Abend für sich einzunehmen. An einem Tag, an dem ich dem geruhsamen Kurzurlaub über Ostern Adieu sagen musste und an dem mein Lieblingsverein eine schmähliche Auswärtsniederlage gegen 10 aufopferungsfähige Fastgallier hinnehmen musste, ähnlich wie Cäsar gegen ein aufmüpfiges Dorf in Nordfrankreich, konnte mir DJ Myrrdin zu vorgerückter Stunde fast wieder ein Lächeln abringen. Mit einer schönen Auswahl von Songs und seinen berüchtigten Kommentaren zu Land, Leuten und…

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