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And Nominated is … The «Frisky Beaver» Beach Club

I remember, some years ago, there was an award in SL “The Best Avatar Award”, a kind of an Oscar for people and places in SL. I remember it well, because I spent a five-digit amount for some seats and a corner place, only to realize on the day of the big event, that I wasn’t listed on the sim, which stranded my avatar disillusioned at some dive-bar, while the lighting technician and his spouse will have occupied my seats without permission most probably.

There was a discussion about almost every nomination and winner at that time. Pure drama. A perfect time for online blogs and magazines.

Nowadays I wonder, whether I myself, or better to say The.Teleporter, should initiate a new award. Perhaps I’d call it the “Great Gatcha” or “Sweet Ruth” for those of you who remembered what being ruthed meant to us in SL.

But if there was a price for the best beach club in SL, no nomination list would be serious without «Frisky Beaver», and the chances would be great that Scarlett and Fabio would win the price. But so would they in the category of, friendliest venue, nicest hosts, best live music line up, to name only a few in which the «Frisky Beaver» had best chances to win.

Yesterday, I had the chance for a brief talk to Scarlett, the owner and female spirit of the «Frisky Beaver». I had always been curious, how she manages to attract so many great artists to perform regularily there, and also what really drives her to take all the efforts in time and money. And guess what, her answer was as lovely as her entire character in SL 🙂 And no, I won’t tell you. If you want to know, go and ask her yourself. But don’t forget to tip the venue on your way. SL would be a lot “impoverished” without the «Frisky Beaver», and the only criticism I have is, that their common time frame is a bit difficult to deal with in Europe with being 9 hours ahead.

Luckily there are weekends like the current one in Europe, where we can generate a short vacation, when holidays follow the weekend. This gave me a chance to listen to an artist I had never heard of before: Wolfie. And Wolfie is a perfect match to «Frisky Beaver». She has a beautiful voice, fun songs, and a very charming personality. She has a way with her audience, which was extremely entertaining. If you have a chance to listen to her somewhere, go there, you won’t regret it. But best is, ask Scarlett when Wolfie returns to «Frisky Beaver», and be there at the beach next time Wolfie will perform.

Dress Code: Beach club wear


Frisky Beaver on Facebook

Wolfie StarFire on Facebook

Wolfie StarFire on iTunes: (I couldn’t get this link to work, though).

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