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Together for Toxie: I want to believe!

Sometimes I sit in my virtual garden and ponder why it may be that we have not yet really met aliens on earth. And then my thoughts visit scenarios like aliens monitoring us, observing silently… and laughing their tiny grey asses off at us. How we mess up our planets ecosystem… or how instead of using a planetary network that could bring the knowledge of mankind to everyones pockets, we choose to distribute funny cat videos with it. Or putting pineapple on pizza.

Alian Abduction Lamp by Martijn de Visser
We need better aliens than that! (Image: Martijn de Visser)

They surely think we’re totally bonkers.

I mean, really. We are family Flodder on a galactic scale. And that explains why the only aliens that come over for a visit are some punks that sneak in to steal a cow or two at night for LOL’s and “probing”…

It would really help our cause if we come across like a half decent species, I thought, and then I found this invitation from AleyKat to the “Together for Toxie” event… and here’s our chance.

Admired and much loved SL live singer Toxie Darkmatter needs some help to get a serious and major medical treatment financed and life didn’t give her the means to take care of this herself. So her friend Aley jumps to her side and if you know the least bit about her, you know there is enough energy in Aley to bend space and time for a friend in need. So Aley and partner in crime Damien Arcture are not organizing a concert, not an event but a festival spanning two days.

They’re not only joining forces with singers for twenty hours of live music on a custom built venue in the heavens above Jagged Edge, they also persuaded some of the most high profiled creators to contribute items and truly one of a kind gifts, to raise as much money as possible to save one of our own species.

The sponsors are really a “Who’s who of Awesome”:

United Colors, Blueberry, FaMESHed, Cynful Clothing and Co., GreyStyle, Chic Moda, Kick Stands Up, Let’s Ride, Decibel Factory, Crossing Sands Customs, Glorious Insanity, Silence, Emerald Couture, Mode, Suga Baby, Espirit, Tori’s Stylez, Bentley Homes and Furniture, Second Nature, {Why Not?}, Farm to Fork, Lola Bailey, The Monarchs, Luciano Lionheart, Savannah Rain, M8ty Photography, GeMyles Couture, Cammino e Vivo Capovolto, Sedona Silverpath

Read more about the background of this benefit on the fundraiser:

The lineup

Saturday, May 12th
12pm – 11pm SLT:
  • Caasi Ansar,
  • Katia,
  • Tally,
  • Agatha Martin,
  • Dirty Dee,
  • Camme Carver,
  • Laidback Celt,
  • Djembe Dragonfire,
  • Chillee Hernandoz,
  • Maximillion Kleene,
  • Meeshy


Sunday, May 13th,
12pm – 11pm SLT:
  • AleyKat & Luciano Lionheart,
  • Hogan Baily,
  • Levi Zuzu,
  • Ororo,
  • Mimi Carpenter,
  • AMForte,
  • Jack Slade,
  • Essence,
  • Erik Kottzen,
  • Liam Wakeman,
  • Arra,


This is a serious and relevant change we can all make happen here for one of us, tonight and tomorrow.

Please, everyone, show up in numbers and support this benefit if you can.

Maybe it’s this beautiful display of humanity, maybe it’s the amount of energy that could fuel a warp core… if we all join in tonight and tomorrow to support Toxie Darkmatter, it will not only help her out in a time of need, it may also lead to gaining some alien admiration and respect one day. And visits.

I would like all of that.


Date & Time: Saturday, May 12th & Sunday, May 13th, from 12pm until 11pm SLT both days

Dress Code: Casual / Come as you are


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