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Together for Toxie: Halftime!

It doesn’t happen too often that something virtual touches you in such a real way. We’re always halfway in our second life and this time something remarkable happened.

Aley in her "working dress". Photo by Jenny Anatine
Aley in her “working dress”. Photo by Jenny Anatine)

The artists we have seen last night, each in their own style and fashion, delivered the very best in live music entertainment the grid. AleyKat started the shows herself and yes, it was special, it was personal.

When word arrived that the first act didn’t make it to the stage in time, she just took it, picked up the microphone and made it a show! That’s what you call professional!

You will probably have to wait a long time to ever see Aley performing in her building outfit again.

And that was just the fabulous beginning! She was followed by a pack of top artists like Katia Portugal, Collin Martin, Agatha Martin and many many more.

The custom built venue has seen a wonderful number of guests and when I woke up this morning, I found a comment on it which I am allowed to share.

In all honesty, though, soooooooo many people came together to organize, work together, and just make something good happen for somebody. I’m accustomed mostly to hearing only the musicians at Fruit Islands. Their dedication, professionalism, skills, and talent just blow me away. Today, I spent time at the Jagged Edge where not just a few but DOZENS of musicians gave of themselves and sang their hearts out for one good reason. Creators gave of themselves, managers, fans, friends, agency owners, hosts and hostesses from all over the grid…so, so many showed up and went far, far beyond just being there. The plethora of genres, renditions of favorite covers, the differing styles, the vocals, the applause coming straight from the heart was so thick that I could feel it from thousands of miles away. It was as if John Lennon’s “Imagine” had come true, if only for awhile. The magic continues on Sunday so if you have a chance, I urge you to go, to experience, to feel, and to share in the love because it was clear to everyone that Toxie’s Life Matters! If not for Toxie, then go for yourself that you might feel the spirit of a loving community and people doing for others from their hearts. This is how it should be, in a perfect world

Razzi Rocket about Together for Toxie


The stunning Together for Toxie venue.

Nothing to add here, only this, quite in the style of our concert announcement in the artists groups:

We’re almost halfway through! Grab your taxi now and don’t miss the second part of something truly amazing happening on the grid tonight.

Date & Time: Sunday, May 13th, from 12pm until 11pm SLT

Dress Code: Casual / Come as you are


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