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Penultimate Concert of Luciano Lionheart – The Rose Theatre, Oct 23, 1pm SLT

English | Deutsch This is the penultimate concert of Luciano Lionheart in Second Life! What is more to say … ­čÖü   Date & Time: October 23, 2019 1:00pm SLT Dress Code: formal attire Location:     Das ist das vorletzte Luciano Lionheart Konzert in Second Life! Was soll man noch sagen … ­čÖü   Datum & Uhrzeit:┬á23. Oktober 2019 1:00pm SLT Kleidungsempfehlung: Abendgarderobe Location:

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Luciano Lionheart Leaving Second Life

English | Deutsch For many years I write for the Teleporter, and we had fun in writing funny articles and sometimes had the sad duty to report about deaths. We always try to find the right balance  between cheering articles and chronologist’s obligations. There is always a side to choose and a mood to meet in an article. This time, I must admit, I fail. I cannot succeed in finding the right approach to the news that Luciano Lionheart will leave Second Life. He has always been a pillar in…

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We Fell in Love with EMMA NESS on Occasion of Her Adorable Concert at the Rhiva The Club, Oct 2019

English | Deutsch I cannot remember when a new voice in SL took me by surprise last as much as Emma Ness did. There are undoubtedly artists, professional and impressive artists in Second Life, and they all have their distinctions, and are rightly followed by a huge number of music enthusiasts in SL. But Emma even stands out among the best. There’s perhaps a handful of singers in SL who can match with her in my opinion. Her exceptional voice, paired with a charming personality makes it a ‘fiendish’ combination,…

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Amazing Anastasia Adder – Fantastic Show @ Rhiva The Club, Oct 2019

English | Deutsch The management of the ┬źRhiva The Club┬╗ was extremely proud that evening to present the famous Anastasia Adder for the first time to its visitors. And Anastasia did what she always does, put the whole audience under her spell from the very first note she sang till the last one. Her mesmerizing voice and her amazing stage presence made her performance not just a musical experience but a fantastic event in total. Amazing how true artists and masters of their style can create an vibrant atmosphere in…

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Swaying Time with Khiron @ Octopussy Lounge, Oct 2019

English | Deutsch Have you ever been to the Octopussy Lounge? – If not, you really should have a look there. I did it on Monday evening, when Khiron was singing live there. The Octopussy Lounge is a beautifully designed venue location. You will feel like 2,000 miles under the sea in Captain Nemos Nautilus when you get there. Through the big windows you can watch the sea life, it’s a wonderful sight and very atmospheric. It’s there where I danced the Monday blues away, listening to Khiron, an amazing…

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┬źNature┬╗ – New Exhibition @ Deva Westland’s ‘Galerie Des Beaux-Arts’ Oct|Nov 2019

English | Deutsch In the warming light beams of a beautiful day in autumn, Deva Westland opened the doors of her ‘Galerie Des Beaux-Arts’ to present her latest Exhibition ‘Nature’ to the wider public. And no doubt, she did it in her known creative way. The whole building had mother nature virtually move in, providing a dignified frame for a wide range of interpretation of the theme. The exhibition shows artworks from: Michiel Bechir Leonorah Beverly Madison Bugaati Salmson Razor Cure Kitten Gypsy Eden SeleneLily Galicia Jaz Tory King Wynn Klaar…

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Taunter Goodnight Buoyant Show @ BBW Heaven Beach Club

English | Deutsch A friend pointed this singer out to me. And geez, yes! She’s a hurricane on the stage. I would have enjoyed the show the same if she had only talked all the way through. She’s such a funny person, and spreading joy all around her. But it is only fair to mention that she has a beautiful voice and is one of the best entertainers I have ever heard in Second Live. I am so glad that I made it here to listen to this real gem…

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Magic Moments @ Club Apotheosis

English | Deutsch For a full weekend the┬áClub Apotheosis created magic moments for its visitors. It started with the legendary┬á“Formal Seduction” night, which is a very special fun, followed by a real fireworks of highlights on Saturday. The Romperdales deputed with a new and eloberate show. In a very short time this group has made it to the top of erotic male dance performances ­čÖé Their quality and creativity is outstanding in Second Live. The guests hadn’t fully cooled down, when┬áNonah Reeves, Second Live’s uncrowned Queen live music heated up…

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Grace & Harry – Dream Colleagues Become Dream Partners

Babylon Berlin’s elegant directrice, who really lives up to her name “Grace” (helene.diplomat) and one of SL’s eligible bachelor Harry (Harry Hargreaves) have partnered officially on Saturday September 14, 2019, ┬áat the Bohannon Beach Club in front of an enthralling bevy of clubbers. Nonah Reeves had been spotted there dancing the night away after her thrilling concert earlier that day, and she had already reportedly joined Harry Hargreaves’ set at Babylon Berlin after the show. She was amongst the first who congratulated the couple. It didn’t take long until the…

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Nonah Held the Reigns at the Parunville Horse Race Club

English | Deutsch “That’s why I became guitar player, and not piano. I enjoy standing behind her and watching her during her concerts ..”, Juan, the band guitarist told The.Teleporter. The band had to do without its band leader Dustin this evening. But Nonah clearly outshined the musical deficits. Her performance is, time and time again outstanding, and this time she threw in some French song, which truly delighted her French audience. It was a pleasant mood this evening at the Parunville Horse Race Club. And this was entirely due…

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