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SL Rock Legend Noma Falta Delights Audience at Prison Rock Concert

English | Deutsch There she was. The icon of hard rock music in SL: Noma Fanta. She really has an amazing stage presence. It was a show of superlatives. Beautiful songs, an exceedingly convivial glamour rock queen with a fabulous voice and a masterly played instrument. She had it all, and she gave it all to her audience on this Saturday. She once again shone in a nicely decorated scenery, and one would not have had to be a rock fan to still feel spellbound by this stunning performance. It…

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Nonah Reeves’ Rock Concert in the Prison

English | Deutsch This was her first rock concert in a prison. And funny enough, her next RL concert will be in a prison as well. SL is preparing for life obviously 🙂 . And of course Nonah mastered the concert with bravura! She seems to have no limit in different music styles. She sounded as authentic as Joan Jett. Something in-between Avril Lavigne and Mizuho Lin, or better to say: as Nonah Reeves. The visiting flash dancers clearly led the dance steps in a constantly growing crowd. Under the…

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Scandalous Ruling in the Pandorian Fraud Lawsuit

English | Deutsch The trial took about an hour and 7 witnesses before the jury led judge passed the disgraceful sentence in the high profiled case against Miss Olive Fritton. The General Prosecutor’s Office was well represented by the fabulous AnnaCeePla, who documented the nature of the fraud in meticulously detailed work. With proving that AnnaCleePa as well as AnnaCeePa were not even born in SL when the application in question was handed in, and the absolutely convincing graphological report, combined with the written testimony of workers at Pandora’s Box Prison, Miss Olive was, according…

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