Casual Wednesday and Open Door Policy @Pandora’s Box Prison

Mistresses and visitors posing together in the sacred halls of Pandora’s Box Prison.

“Pands”, as the prison is fondly called, is usually known for its rigid dress code for guards and prisoners. Every mistress is obliged to wear the prison own uniform with the famous hexagon. The dominant colors are black or anthracite. All the more observers couldn’t believe their eyes on Wednesday morning, when a small colorful procession made its way from the lobby to the thrones inside the prison, led by the officious trustee Harry Kane* [name changed by the editor], who hurried ahead with his key waving.

While visitors are strictly forbidden in the prison at all times throughout the year, it was totally surprising that a group, reportedly containing visitors, passed the gates and security areas without a single stop. Mistress Clare Sikes* [name changed by the editor] clearly stood out of the group with her red little sweet nothing from Charazad Design (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Charazad-Touch-of-Seduction-Fatpack/13105060?). Not any less sweet: Mistress Bliss* [name changed by the editor]. Trustee Harry Kane* [name changed by the editor] voluntarily took some photos of the group before it finally reached the daylight area again.

There have been rumors lately that the dress code might be eased soon or has been already perhaps. At least Mistress Jenny Linn* [name changed by the editor] had earlier been seen with either what could be a new uniform without the Pandora sign or with no uniform at all, but just in a casual outfit.

From the smiling faces one could take that they were all enjoying the new freedom of what seemed to be the ‘Casual Friday Open Day’ event at “Pands”.

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